Hotmail breach exposes all-too-common passwords

WeakChainLink.jpgHave you reset your password recently? If you use a password that is anything like the 10,000 that were just stolen and leaked from Hotmail users, you might want to.

As the story goes, an anonymous user published a list of over 10,000 stolen passwords from Hotmail users. Researchers and security firms like Acunetix immediately pounced on the opportunity to study the password habits of this sizable sample of common users.

Want to know what the most frequently used password on the list is? “123456.” How about the second-most used? “123456789.” Other popular passwords are spanish names like “alberto,” phrases like “iloveyou,” as well as even “000000” and “america.”

Now this may come as a shock to you, but we’re fans of using passwords that are just a tad more complex. Common words and simple number schemes are pretty easy for password cracking tools to sniff out these days, which is why we’re pretty proud of one of our most popular 1Password features: the Strong Password Generator. This powerful tool creates extremely secure passwords for you, like “1LdcHo2