1Password 3.0.1 gains support for Camino 2, dragging text files

What, after releasing 1Password 3 barely four days ago you expected us to be resting on our laurels? To be vacationing in the Bahamas? That’s just silly talk! There is always work to be done, which is why 1Password 3.0.1 is already waiting for you in the 1Password > Check for Updates menu.

While 3.0.1 isn’t nearly the life-altering, mind-bending release that 1Password 3 was, it will hopefully bring smiles to at least a few people’s faces. First, support for the recently released Camino 2 has arrived. Plus, Yojimbo users should have an easier time moving over some information, now that you can drag multiple .TXT, .RTF, and .RTFD files into 1Password to create Secure Notes for each one.

Naturally, a number of tweaks and ruthlessly squashed bugs made this release. Search result options, viewing very long passwords, and switching Agile Keychains should all behave properly in 3.0.1, and certain Help menu options that cannot be used while 1Password is locked are now grayed out.

You can see the full changelog before installing if you check for updates, so go get ‘em Tiger. Er, Snow Leopard.