Chrome support is coming, but waiting on Google


Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way!


Chrome_icon.jpgAt version 4, Google Chrome will finally get around to the Mac. We’re almost as excited as you are for a shiny new browser, which is why we’ve updated our official Google Chrome support status on our browser requirements page to “working on it.”

The first official, public beta of Chrome 4 for Mac is imminent. But we’re going to need some time to work on supporting Chrome because Google needs more time in order to let third-party developers support Chrome. An official changelog on the Google Chrome release blog for developers says that extensions are disabled in a recent developer release, and will remain so for the first Mac beta. That means Chrome needs some more time in the beta oven before it’s ready to let extensions like ours add features and functionality.

Rest assured, we’re keeping an eye on Chrome’s development. While even the developer versions may look and work fine for many users, the fact that it is not even in beta yet means that a tremendous amount of code, features, and API implementations are in flux “under the hood.” We need to wait for Chrome’s dust to settle a bit so we don’t sacrifice our ability to make great, reliable software and respond quickly to support requests.

Bottom line: when Chrome is ready for extensions, we will enhance it with 1Password.