A look back at a very Agile 2009

2009_fireworks.jpgWhat a year! We laughed, we cried, but fortunately, no one hurled. We kicked off 2009 by winning an award at Macworld, then expanded the company by hiring four new people, and hit our home stretch by releasing major new versions of both 1Password and AllBookmarks.

Plenty more happened along the way, though, so pull up a chair and look back with us at a very Agile year.

January 9, 2009: Agile Web Solutions wins Best of Show Award at Macworld for 1Password from Macsimum News / MacTech Magazine. Not a bad start, if we may say so ourselves.

Safari_icon.pngFebruary 25: Apple released a beta of Safari 4, and ever the agile (nyuk nyuk) company, we sprang into action the same day with support for it.

May 19: May was a good month for 1Password exposure. CNET made 1Password an Editor’s Choice, and NPR recommended 1Password twice to listeners.

May 29: Apple picks 1Password as a “Featured Download” on its official Downloads site.

June 2: 1Password touch 2.0 arrived with 1Password 2.9.16 and a rewritten Wi-Fi sync feature. Sync finally got a lot easier, but stayed just as secure as ever.

1Pt_logo.jpgJune 8: 1Password touch was spotted in Apple’s official iPhone 3GS Guided Tour video. It’s good to see Apple promoting (if only secondhand) the practice of staying secure even while on-the-go.

June 8-12: Agile Web Solutions partied it up got down to seriously serious business at WWDC 2009.

June 17: Apple released iPhone OS 3.0, and both versions of 1Password touch got their groove on. The standard version was ready for the new OS, and 1Password touch Pro gained some fancy new features powered by the new OS.

July: Macworld tipped its hat in our direction not one, not two, but three times. First, Macworld’s Joe Kissell called 1Password “outstanding” and touted our Strong Password Generator, then he highlighted that 1Password is great for organizing a lot more than passwords. Macworld’s Dan Frakes upped the ante later in July, though, by creating a video called “Why [Macworld] loves 1Password](http://www.switchersblog.com/2009/07/why-macworld-loves-1password.html). Thanks again for such kind words and videos guys!

July 16: Twittergate. Twitter got hacked and hundreds of the company’s internal business documents were stolen (note: not the usernames or passwords of Twitter users). Now we are always bummed and sympathetic when something terrible like this happens. But we were also honored that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams recommended 1Password in the wake of the hack.

SnowLeopard_box.jpgAugust 26: We didn’t want Snow Leopard beta users to suffer life without 1Password, so we released a limited beta of 1Password 3 for those who ventured forth.

Fun (non)fact: forcing Mac users to go without 1Password is considered torture in some countries. Honest. But don’t look that up; just trust me.

October 28: We swung open the doors to the public for the 1Password 3 beta. There was much rejoicing. And testing.

November 19: 1Password 3 gets all grown up and sheds the beta badge. There was much rejoicing. Again.

November 24: We gave away 1Password touch for free as a Thanksgiving Thank You sale to our customers.

November 30: Leo Laporte, tech and podcasting pioneer of the TWiT network, picked 1Password 3 for his MacBreak Weekly Pick of the Week.

December 8: Google’s new Chrome browser finally came to the Mac in a very early official beta, and our master code chefs sprang to action. We began cooking up a brand new extension for Chrome, and while it is still in the oven, our 1Password Logins Bookmarklet can bring a little 1Password 3 to Chrome for now.

AllBookmarks_icon.pngDecember 11: Not ones to rest on our laurels, we released AllBookmarks 4.0, a major update to our free browser bookmarks aggregator. The new version gained support for 1Password 3 bookmarks, a keyboard shortcut, and running in 64-bit on Snow Leopard.

To make sure Agile Web Solutions can continue to be all it can be, make great software, and provide speedy support to our stellar customers, we also hired four more ninjas throughout the year. Not including accountants and lawyers, we’re up to 12 Agile folks now, and in 2009 we welcomed Marty Skinner, David Brown, Cindy Compton, and me to the team. At least I think I was welcomed to the team. Jamie stole my red stapler the first week I was here, and they keep moving my desk towards the basement stairs.

We’d like to say thanks to the people who made this all possible, so: thank you. Yes you, dear customer of Agile Web Solutions and reader of the blog. We couldn’t make great software for a living without you, and we look forward to making more great stuff for you in 2010.

Happy New Year
The Agile Web Solutions team