Lifehacker: "Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think; Here's How to Fix That"

Lifehacker Lifehacker’s “The How-To Geek” wrote a reality check about password security in the 21st century, and the summarized thesis is that things are still not great. The blogger points out some pitfalls of modern security implementations, including the fact that Pidgin, a popular open-source, multi-protocol chat client, stores account passwords on the drive in plain text. Egad.

The How-To Geek arrives at the ultimate conclusion that: 

The only truly secure way to store your passwords is to use a password manager to securely track your passwords, combined with a a great master password to protect the rest of your saved passwords.

A link to a previous Lifehacker post, Five Best Password, Managers, offers some great recommendations for taking your online security up a notch, including 1Password.

We’re always grateful to get a mention from a great publication like Lifehacker. But it’s also good to hear a call to both developers and users to take security more seriously.