A 1Password alpha for Chromium is here


Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way!


You’ve shown your support for 1Password in Chrome by emailing, posting in our forums, tweeting, Facebook poking, shipping sacrificial lambs (tip: FedEx is much more lamb-friendly than UPS), offering first-borns, and even a really good pie. We really appreciate all the love everyone, and I’m happy to say that we can finally return some to you.

We now have an alpha 1Password extension ready for testing in Chrome.


Please read this important stuff

Before we get down to business, I have to emphasize that this is an alpha, a term with origins in the Greek “alpha,” which meant “extremely early in the development phase, with very little polish, and many nonexistent and unfinished features.” Yes, even the ancient Greeks alpha-tested software, usually so the gods didn’t have to. It’s true! Look it up1.

We’re so early in the development phase for our Chrome extension that the main feedback we’re soliciting at this point is “yay 1Password works in Chrome!” or “it doesn’t even work.” Right now, the only features that (are supposed to) work are unlocking 1Password and filling simple login forms (in other words: 1Password can fill usernames and passwords into a number of sites in Chrome, but we know that plenty don’t work yet). Don’t forget: this is an alpha feature for a beta developer platform. If you decide to help us test the Chrome extension, please leave feedback about these features in our new Chrome forum. You can email us too, but those queries are not as high of a priority for our support staff right now since we’re in alpha, and are likely to be for at least a few weeks. You are much more likely to receive a faster response in the forums, so we encourage you to post feedback there.

Enough silly talk! Give me 1Password for Chrome!

Fortunately, helping us to test the 1Password extension in Chrome is pretty simple. We posted instructions in our alpha announcement thread, and they go a little somethin’ like this:

1. Make sure you have at least 1Password 3.0.4 installed. It just came out yesterday.
2. Install the developer build of Chrome or the latest Chromium. The latest developer version is required to have the needed extensions support.
3. Enter this URL into Chrome’s address bar: http://agile.ws/s/a330894b8 and install the extension from the notification that should appear at the bottom of Chrome’s window.

It’s a small start, but with all the requests we’ve had, we wanted to get you something sooner instead of later. We hope you enjoy testing this early alpha 1Password extension in Chrome, and don’t forget to leave feedback in our Chrome forum. You can comment here too, but our forum is the best place if you want both the Agile staff and 1Password community to chime in.


Extension not installing? Here are some tips

  • If you’ve been running the Chrome beta, you may have to delete your existing Chrome support folder before trying to install the extension. I know I had to, and you can find this folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome (where “~” is your Home user folder). This means your bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, and other settings will also be lost. Such is the fast-paced life of living on the edge. The next time your start Chrome, you can use the Chrome > Import Bookmarks and Settings option to re-import all your stuff from either Safari or Firefox if need be.
  • Try entering “chrome://extensions” (without the quotes) into Chrome’s address bar. Click “developer,” then update your extensions.
  • Some users are reporting that if the extension doesn’t begin working right away, simply restarting Chrome may do the trick.
  • Still not working? Jump over to the 1Password Chrome Support Forum for help. Be sure to start with the Troubleshooting guide which will be kept up-to-date.

1. Ok fine, it’s not true.

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