1Password 3.0.4 gains Quick Look, more tagging, and other goodness

It’s time to run Check for Updates ladies and gentlemen, for 1Password 3.0.4 is upon us. Forged among the pillars of Mount Olympus, perfected behind lab doors at Stark Industries, this free update for registered owners literally gained over 60 new features, changes, and fixes. No joke.

To clarify: when we say “perfected behind lab doors at Stark Industries,” we mean “3.0.3 was briefly released earlier today but pulled due to a hangup with the licenses window, which is why we are now at 3.0.4.”

Leading the pack is Quick Look of attachments for 10.6 Snow Leopard users and a ton of new tagging features. Tag folders now appear in the Go & Fill menu, and they also get their own section and new icons in 1Password’s sidebar. A new “Untagged” Smart Folders should help you get your tags in order. But if you don’t use or even want to see tags in 1Password’s sidebar, you have new preferences to hide that or any other Vault section.

Those itching to finally finish the switch from Firefox 3, KeepPass, and LicenseKeeper can finally start scratching. 1Password can now import from all three, in addition to KeepPassX and 15 other applications. We also now import the notes field from Web Confidential software license types.

We made lots of improvements to the Wi-Fi iPhone sync process, the way we turn dragged text notes into Secure Notes, form filling on a number of sites including Audible.com, and lots, lots more. Check out the full 3.0.4 changelog or go to 1Password > Check for Updates to view the changes and automatically upgrade.