1Password 3.0.7 speaks German and (some) Russian, gains other goodies

It is once again time to Check for Updates, 1Password 3 users, especially if you prefer it to run in German or Russian. That’s right: 1Password 3.0.7 has been localized in two languages (though Russian is not 100% complete just yet). We also did a lot of internal rekajiggering to make it much easier to localize 1Password into other languages in the future!

New languages aren’t the only tricks up 1Password 3.0.7’s sleeves, though. We made some big improvements to the way Smart Folders track the changes you make to Vault items, resulting in a big overall performance gain. You can also now create Smart Folders that look for item creation and modification dates.

We cut down on 1Password 3’s startup time, improved credit card filling in websites, and locked down things like the in-browser Go & Fill menu and 1Password’s Go > Tags menu if your Agile Keychain is locked.

You can view all the changes in the full 1Password changelog online, or you can run Check for Updates to see it in 1Password’s built-in update tool. Enjoy!