Google Chrome beta for Mac gained extensions, and we're on it!


Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way!



Good news, everyone! Google has just released a major update to Chrome for Mac with the feature we’ve all been waiting for: a new icon!

No, a redesigned back button! Er, more scrolly scrollbars?

Wait, that can’t be right… oh yes! Extension support! You can now grab a copy or read more about this release on Google’s Chrome Blog.

Rest assured, we’re just as excited about extensions in Google Chrome for Mac as you are! To celebrate this release, we’ve locked our developers in our dungeon “basement” to “motivate” them to bring a much-updated version of our alpha 1Password extension for Chrome. In the meantime, for those who upgrade right away, some early testing shows that our extension works in the new Chrome beta. So if you just can’t wait, and if you’re ok with using unfinished software, you can help us test our 1Password alpha extension in the new Google Chrome for Mac beta right now.

I don’t have an ETA to share just yet on when we’ll have a major Chrome extension update for you. These things can take time, so we appreciate your patience! But I can tell you that we’re crackin’ our whips on our developers. As soon as we have something for you, you’ll hear about it on our @1Password Twitter account and here on the blog!