1Password touch 2.3 is live in App Store!

1Pt 2-3.jpgYou waited patiently, and we worked diligently to bring you 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.3. It’s live in App Store now, so fire up iTunes or your i-device and get downloading!

This is a pretty major update that brings both 1Password touch versions in better feature parity with 1Password 3 for Mac. New in version 2.3 are dedicated Accounts and Software tabs to match the Mac version, and don’t forget, you can always customize the bottom tab bar to add the features you use most!

Also new is the option to reset the Master Password if you forgot it. Be warned, however, that if you forget your Master Password, we cannot help you retrieve it. Plus, resetting your Master Password will permanently delete all items that it protects. 1Password wouldn’t be a very secure app if your mischievous coworker, recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or arch villain could just reset your Master Password and view all the items it encrypts, right?

Also new in 1Password touch and Pro 2.3 are copy-and-paste improvements while using the built-in browser, better WiFi sync instructions, a fix for restoring backups with Firefox, and logging into Gmail.com.

Interestingly, Apple must have loved our 1Password touch and Pro 2.3 update so much that it approved the new version the same day we submitted! No joke: we uploaded the new versions to iTunes Connect at about 2am Friday morning (yea, that’s right, we work practically around the clock out of love for y’all!), and they were approved and in the store by around 4pm, if not a little earlier. This is great news, and I’ve heard some of the same stories while saying hi to customers and other developers on the floor at Macworld Expo, too. This apparent change in policy has our team pretty excited, so stay tuned for more frequent updates to 1Password touch!

Now run, don’t walk, and grab 1Password touch and 1Password touch Pro 2.3 in App Store!