1Password 3.0.8 gains lots of changes and fixes

It’s time to run Check for Updates, everyone, though this time around we don’t have any wiz-bang new features for you; just wiz-bang changes and bug fixes!

1Password 3.0.8 scored various improvements to the Import Assistant and some better localization support. In particular, some elements could not be translated in our localization efforts, and now they can be. Safari’s extension did not translate to German, for example, and now it should.

We also fixed some sync UI quirks and added a “Disable Core Animation” option to the Advanced preference pane. You can see the full changelog if you run *Check for Updates” from the 1Password menu, or you can just keep moving your eyes downward right here.

Full Changelog for 1Password 3.0.8:

  • Improved support for localization.
  • Improved Import Assistant.
  • Improved downloading of icons and previews.
  • Changed the namespace of the BGHUD framework to avoid conflicts with other applications.
  • Now automatically unlocking 1Password in browser extensions when the browser is started.
  • Added DisableCoreAnimation option to advanced preferences.
  • Added hidden preference “AlwaysShowBrowserGoAndFillMenu” to show the browser Go & Fill menu when locked.
  • Using the latest version of libcrypto library installed in the system.
  • Fixed wrong scope display attribute shown initially when editing a Login.
  • Fixed problem where an exception message was displayed during Restore from Backup.
  • Fixed problem with sync spinner continuously spinning even after sync is completed.
  • Fixed problem with sync spinner being drawn over text in sidebar.
  • Fixed Autosave window to make the entire Save button clickable.
  • Fixed cropping of the top pixels on some software license icons.
  • Changed how locking works in 1PasswordAnywhere. Previous versions worked fine but in Firefox you would receive a warning when unlocking 1PasswordAnywhere immediately after locking.