Import your MacHeist nanoBundle 2 licenses to 1Password

imgboard-temp.jpgSo you just scored some great software for an insanely low price at MacHeist, and now you’re wondering if it’s possible to import the licenses for those apps into 1Password for safe keeping down the road.

Fortunately, it’s possible.

The MacHeist ninjas just added a downloadable 1Password Interchange File (or 1Pif for short) to your account. Sign into the site, and you can download this file that contains your licenses, and import it into 1Password with our handy dandy Import Assistant. Go to File > Import, and choose the first option (1Password Interchange File) from the Import Format menu. Browse to the 1Pif file you downloaded from MacHeist, which should look like a folder. Select the data.1pif file, and click Start Import. You should see a list of the app licenses you’re about to import, and they should all be checked. If so, click Import and you’re all set!

For bonus points: download and install all of the apps you scored through MacHeist first. After you import your 1Pif into 1Password, go to Help > Tools > Update Existing Software Licenses. This will make 1Password find apps on your drive and grab their icons for your license entries.