1Password and iPad Part 3: Return of the Passwords

It’s almost iPad Day, which means you’re probably wondering if 1Password is going to be ready. Fortunately, we submitted our iPad updates to Apple within the deadline. If all goes well, 1Password for iPad should be available for the iPad’s launch!


If you want to learn more about 1Password for iPad, check out our previous two posts that include a few screenshots. We spent a lot of time thinking about how people will interact with 1Password on the iPad, and we think we have a great experience in store for you.

The money thing

After some lengthy Agile board room meetings, dry erase boards filled to the brim with really, really important diagrams, back-to-back PowerPoint Keynote presentations, and vigorous focus group testing, we decided how 1Password for iPad pricing will work by flipping a coin. Ok, just kidding about the coin thing. And the dry erase boards.

1Password for iPad will cost just $6.99. We built this version specifically for iPad owners who do not plan on owning an iPhone or iPod touch. It has a gorgeous interface that was designed exclusively for the iPad, which you can get an early peek at in our previous iPad posts.

1Password Pro will contain both iPad and iPhone versions for users who own both devices. Once Apple approves the update we submitted along with our iPad-only version, 1Password Pro will sell for $14.99, though this upgrade is free to current owners (right now 1Password Pro is a steal for $8.99!). 1Password Pro already includes some great features over the standard iPhone version, like Folders and support for copying multiple items to Safari. In future updates, 1Password Pro will gain even more exclusive features, such as wireless sync via MobileMe and WebDAV, as well as Favorites for easy access to frequently used items.

1Password standard will sell for $6.99 from now on and will not gain the iPad interface.


So there you have it. 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro for iPhone+iPad are now in Apple’s hands. We hope to be available in the iPad App Store when it opens Saturday, so be sure to check out 1Password for iPad for all of your password and identity needs!