iPad Feature Sneak Peek

Feature Sneak Peek: A much easier way to browse and login on your iPad

We’re toiling away on updates to 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro, so we thought we’d show off a little. Obviously, one of the bummers of Mobile Safari is that Apple does not (yet) let developers plug into it. This means that 1Password for iPhone OS cannot integrate with Mobile Safari as tightly as it does with most browsers on your Mac.

But who says you have to browse in Safari?

We’re bringing “Available Logins” to the browser built into 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro. This means that when holding your iPad in landscape mode, you can open 1Password’s browser, visit a site, then tap the Available Logins menu to see any of your Logins that match the site. Tap one, and 1Password will fill the form and log you in.

Browsing the web and logging into your sites on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch cannot get any easier than this. You will be able to enjoy this feature once Apple approves our next updates to 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro, which we hope to submit in the next day or three.