1Password to Rule Them All

This week, Lifehacker revisits password management.

Since their last article on this topic nearly two years ago, we have released:

  • 1Password 3 for Mac and numerous updates.
  • 1Password 3 for iPhone/iPod touch and numerous updates.
  • 1Password for iPad.
  • A rough sketch of a Chrome extension that, while it doesn’t yet provide the functionality of the other browser extensions, has immense potential.
  • A beta version of 1Password for Windows!

We’ve been very busy and still have so much more to do! Slowly but surely, we’re increasing 1Password’s support to cover the platforms and browsers you use every day, at work and at home.

So. What’s your favourite tool for managing your passwords?

No doubt the answer to that question is still “1Password”, yes? Lifehacker would love to hear from you in the comments section of their blog entry. Frankly, we’d quite like for them to hear from you, too!

Please post your comment over on lifehacker.com in the format, “VOTE: 1Password” (er, not that we’re putting words at the end of your fingertips, or anything). Thanks for your support, everyone!