1Password website updates

We don’t announce every change we make to the website but Dan has created some fantastic new pages that we just had to share!

Originally 1Password only supported Mac OS X so all our links went straight to the 1Password for Mac homepage. Now that we have all these iDevices and Windows editions floating around we needed a general landing page to let users choose their platform. Dan dug deep and hit the mark with deadly precision:

You can test it out for yourself here: 1Password Overview page.

Dan’s also been busy adding new homepages for iPad and Windows. Here’s the 1Password for Windows homepage:

and the new 1Password for iPad homepage that inspired the whole redesign:

Personally I love the subtle addition of the third level navbar on the Windows homepage the most. It feels natural, is not overpowering, and gives us a lot more flexibility for the additional pages we need to add. Dan’s currently putting the finishing touches on carrying this new feature to the iPhone/iPod touch and Mac homepages.

Dan also has a cool new Features page and some updates to the Agile home page. We’ll post some screenshots of these soon.