Chrome extension updated to 0.6.2


Update! Check here for updated news on the Chrome extension, it’s come a long way!


Chrome_icon.jpgWe’ve had a bunch of great feedback in our Chrome extension forum from 1Password users willing to help us test our alpha Chrome extension – thanks folks!

One of the comments we most frequently heard was that, even in its alpha state, the Chrome extension is massively useful, but that it would really help if it could save new logins. What you told us is that everything else can wait, but that the ability to save new logins—not just use existing ones—is essential. We’re happy to tell you that version 0.6.2 introduces this feature.

For those just tuning in: yes, we have an alpha version of a 1Password extension for Google Chrome that you can help us test. Just keep in mind: it’s an alpha, so it is nowhere near feature-complete, and it can be rough around the edges (sometimes rougher than a beta!). It is also only for the Mac version of Chrome, not Windows.

To get set up:

Getting future updates is easy: Chrome automatically gives you the latest and greatest version! Chrome auto-updates its extensions, and we made sure that our alpha extension works with that system.

According to a Google Chrome support document, “extensions automatically update whenever an update is available.” So you should be all set!

Thanks for helping us test our alpha extension for Google Chrome, and be sure to leave feedback in our Chrome extension forum and check out Chrome extension changelog for a list of fixes and new features!