Welcome to the family, Knox!

Knox Application IconWe’re excited to announce that Knox, the leading solution for file encryption and backup, has become part of Agile Web Solutions! If you already use Knox, you know what a fitting addition it is to the 1Password family. If you’re not already a Knox user, let us show you around!

What is Knox?

Knox creates “vaults” which use the U.S. Government’s new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), protecting your data with an encryption that the NSA has rated sufficient even for national security information. Each vault functions like an external disk, and adding files to an open vault automatically encrypts them. Knox is used in over 60 countries worldwide, and trusted with everything from medical records to trade secrets, both on company servers and business travelers’ laptops.

Knox menuitem menu

In addition to providing military-grade encryption, you can schedule backups for your vaults from within Knox, ensuring your data’s safety and integrity, too. Using Knox is practically transparent: the vaults function just like the disks you work with every day. As long as a vault is open, you can open, edit and delete the files in it as if they were right on an external disk. You can switch quickly between vaults from either the Dock or the menubar, open multiple vaults at once, and integrate any vault with Spotlight, if you choose. Because the format used by Knox is supported natively in OS X, you can even open Knox vaults without having Knox installed, if you have the password. How’s that for peace of mind?

Knox backup preferences

What about current Knox users?

We can assure current Knox users that it’s in good hands, and we’ll carry on its quality development and support with the same passion we put into 1Password. After all, it’s part of the family now! Knox 2 will be a free upgrade for all existing license holders: watch your email for a Knox 2 license key. It’s suggested that you wait to receive your new license before you upgrade.

So, welcome Knox! We’re proud to be continuing development and support for an amazing product. Feel free to drop by the new Knox support forum and ask questions or offer suggestions! If you haven’t tried Knox yet, you can grab a free trial, and if you love it (and we’re sure you will), you can pick up a license for $34.95US.