Join our customer care team!

Which is another way of saying… Halp.

Thanks to the absolutely fantastic members of our 1Password, AllBookmarks, and Knox families; our blog readers; our Twitter followers; our Facebook fans; and our wonderful forum community—in short, thanks to all of you, our software is finding its way into more people’s lives. We pride ourselves on our customer care and interaction: from blog comments to tweets to forum posts and e-mail messages, we want to be there to answer your questions quickly, seven days a week. To maintain this level of service, we need your help.

Are you a passionate user of our software? Has it become such an integral part of your computing life that you’re lost without it? Do you rush to recommend it to your friends and family when they express frustration about password maintenance or file/folder protection? Are you the one to whom everyone turns when they need help with their computers and iDevices?

Awesome! Now, are you all those things and also, by chance, looking for a job? =)

If so, we might be looking for you! If you could just send us an e-mail, it would probably make it easier for us to find you. The position is full-time and requires proficiency in the use of our applications; excellent written (English) communication skills; and a positive, friendly attitude. Your physical location is irrelevant, so long as you have a reliable Internet connection and can at least partially align your work schedule with the rest of ours.

You’re probably wondering what joining our team means, eh? The majority of our time is spent responding to customers’ queries via e-mail or on the forums. On occasion, when something’s a real head-scratcher, we’ll screen share via iChat, so it would be good if you knew how to do that. We congregate around the virtual water cooler (IRC) to bounce ideas off each other and share the fun stuff our customers say to us. We also spend a bit of time on QA, so if you’re familiar with setting up multiple partitions and OS/software versions and such, that’d be a good thing, too.

In return, you get to work in your pyjamas, work with a great team, and play with cool stuff.

When you e-mail us, we don’t need to see a formal resume or CV. Just give us an idea of your experience with our applications, your technical background, and why you’d like to work with us.

Did I mention you get to work in your pyjamas?