1Password 3.2.3 is out!

1Password 3.2.3 was just released, and it has a few important fixes and changes. For the full list, check the release notes in the forum.

Have you ever noticed that results from your Trash showed up when you did searches “Everywhere?” It hasn’t been an issue for everybody, but you may have seen it happen. Well, no more! Sure, it makes sense to include them. After all, everywhere means everywhere. We assume, though, that if you moved something to the trash, you probably don’t want to see it in your general search results. Version 3.2.3 of 1Password represents just that kind of thoughtful respect for our users. You’re worth it.

We also assume our customers are surfing the latest and greatest websites. 1Password now correctly handles logins which use the new HTML5 email input field type. Even if you don’t know what that is, we’ve got it covered so you don’t have to worry about it.

1PasswordAnywhere got some love, too. Bug fixes, better error catching and improved logging make solving sync issues and fixing problems faster and easier. The biggest improvement is in handling double-byte characters (Hindi, Kanji, etc.), so even more people can access this cool feature.

If you haven’t tried out 1PasswordAnywhere, you should take a look. It works with Dropbox or any USB flash drive. Even if you’re already using 1Password touch, 1PasswordAnywhere can offer another convenient method for securely accessing your private data when you’re away from your computer. It works especially well with Dropbox, which also happens to be our favorite method of syncing across multiple computers in general.

All you have to do is set up your Dropbox sync (follow the easy instructions here) and open up your data file (which will appear as a folder) in the Dropbox web app. Inside, there’s a file called 1Password.html. Click it, type in your master password, and you’ve got access to your entire data file from most web browsers. You can get some more info at our help site.

1Password 3.2.3 is up and ready for download. If you’re already running 1Password, just check for updates within the application (go to 1Password -> Check for Updates if you don’t have automatic updates turned on). The update is free for existing 1Password 3 users, and a free trial for new users.