Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox

Yay! We’re ecstatic to announce that Apple approved the new 1Password Pro version in the App Store! It means that we can finally spill the beans on a cool new feature we’ve been itching to tell you about for a long time:

1Password can now sync automatically using Dropbox!

Also known as “syncing to the cloud”, this amazing feature allows you to keep your Mac, Windows, and iOS devices in sync at all times, even when they are running on different networks. (Yes, I did say Windows; 1Password for Windows is currently in beta testing)

You can find out how to enable this feature in the User Guide: Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox.

We hope you love “syncing to the cloud” using Dropbox as much as we do! Keeping all your Macs, Windows, and iOS devices in sync is now easy as pie. Gluten-free blueberry pie, that is :)


  1. If you are already using Dropbox to sync your 1Password data between your Macs and/or PCs, you simply need to install the latest 1Password version and start it at least once before configuring your iOS device.


  1. Is there a specific top-level Dropbox folder name or path that the data file must be in for the iPhone app to find it?

    No. All you need to do is start the latest version of 1Password on your Desktop and it will write out a “pointer” file to tell the iOS devices where to find the data file.

  2. Do I need to turn off wi-fi syncing on my iPhone?

    Yes, but 1Password will automatically disable that for you when you enable Dropbox syncing.

  3. I also have an iPod Touch. Can I have all of my devices sync to the same Dropbox keychain?

    Absolutely!! Add as many devices as you want!

  4. When does sync occur on iOS?

    Syncing will start automatically when you start 1Password (after unlocking) and when you make a change to an item. We’re evaluating how to run the sync more often without compromising on battery life.

  5. I never used Dropbox. Where do I start?

    Macworld created a great video about using 1Password and Dropbox together.