1Password for Mac 3.4 is out of the bag!

This update includes improvements in the Sync Conflict Resolver and 1PasswordAnywhere, and adds partial support for Firefox 4 beta.

Full Changelog


  • Greatly improved Sync Conflict Resolver. Now, all the information about the conflicted objects is displayed and the differences are highlighted.
  • Dropbox sync conflicts are now detected and you can resolve them, too.
  • A new menu item has been added to help you: Help > Tools > Find and Resolve Sync Conflicts.
  • Partial support for Firefox 4 beta. Note: Autosave and HTTP Authentication are not currently available in the Firefox 4 extension. We are working to restore these features as quickly as possible.


  • Improved support for localisation.
  • Improved French localisation.
  • Generated Password items now have a shorter title to make it easier to tell them apart, especially on the iPhone/iPod touch: the “Password for” bit that preceded the domain name has been removed.
  • 1PasswordAnywhere now includes all .css, .js, and .png resources! This means that 1PasswordAnywhere can now be used without an Internet connection and offers improved security and performance.
  • Improved date entry fields.
  • We updated our Import Assistant to mention that, as of version 7.1 (possibly earlier), eWallet’s text format has changed. As a result, data exported from these versions of eWallet will be imported into 1Password as a single Secure Note.


  • The “Show in shortcut/context menu” setting now works correctly with the Firefox extensions.
  • Tabbing between fields in an item’s details pane now works properly.

As always, the best way to update is automatically, from within 1Password. If you’re not prompted to update by the application, click 1Password > Check for Updates. The latest non-beta version of 1Password can also always be obtained from our downloads page. Your feedback is always welcome; we look forward to seeing you over in our 1Password 3 forum!

Thank you, testers, we really appreciate all the help leading up to this release! I’m sure you won’t have to wait very long at all for the next beta, you know how we are. =]