xkcd Hits Nail on Head

Via our awesome Twitter friends, we bring you a very apropos comic from xkcd.com:

xkcd - Password Reuse


Homer says it best:

Don’t be the victim of unsavory online practices. Use a different, secure password on every site, and protect yourself from a world of potential trouble. Of course, the easiest way to do that is, you guessed it, 1Password!

With the “Strong Password Generator,” strong passwords are a couple of clicks away. Click the “1P” plugin icon—or just right click on the page where you need a password—and select “Strong Password Generator.” Set a few sliders and click the “Fill” button, and you’ve got an unguessable password and a new 1Password entry to store it for future use. Now there’s no excuse for password reuse! (excuse the rhyme)

Stay safe out there!

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