1Password is today's MacUpdate promo!

Hello, all you lovely people! 1Password is on sale today, over at MUPromo1, MacUpdate’s web site for daily software deals. We extend a hearty welcome to all the new members of our 1Password for Mac family. Thank you so much for joining us!

The welcome wagon is out in full force, with the team hustling and bustling to respond to all your e-mail and forum queries. If it takes us a little longer than usual, please forgive us! We generally get a bit swamped on promotion days but are doing our best to stay on top of things.

That said, we mustn’t forget your welcome gift: a fantastic new 1Password for Mac update!

1Password for Mac version 3.4.4 is a maintenance release, offering several improvements and bug fixes. This is a free update for all 1Password 3 license holders.

Full Changelog


  • Added tags and folder selection to the HTTP Authentication save panel.
  • The Diagnostics Reporting tool now verifies that everything’s okay with your 1Password installation by ensuring that all necessary files exist and that they are of the expected size.
  • When you duplicate an item by clicking Edit > Duplicate, attachments are also duplicated.
  • The placeholder URL for login items has been changed to www.example.com.
  • Improved support for localisation.
  • Updated Japanese localisation.
  • Added “Place of Birth” to the Passport item type.
  • Unsaved edits are not automatically saved when 1Password is locked.
  • Made a few changes to prevent a potential crash when updating the main application window.
  • The Edit > Fill with Identity menu option now displays custom names.


  • The HTTP Authentication save panel now respects the “username in title” preference (Preferences > Logins > Automatically include username in Login title).
  • A crash that could happen during automatic updates if a previous update was skipped.
  • A problem when clicking on an empty vault item when in Edit mode.
  • A rare graphical glitch that appeared at the bottom of the main application window after unlocking 1Password.
  • A problem where the Go & Fill Login window in the web browser did not display logins.
  • A problem with the Conflict Resolver window shown during Wi-Fi sync.
  • An error while previewing items during an import.
  • A problem with the search field being cleared when 1Password was hidden or locked.
  • When 1Password is locked, all the menu options listed in Help > Tools are disabled.
  • The in-browser editor now respects the View > Conceal Passwords setting.
  • A problem in 1PasswordAnywhere that caused deleted items to appear in Accounts instead of the Trash.

As always, the best way to update is automatically, from within 1Password. If you’re not prompted to update by the application, click 1Password > Check for Updates. The latest non-beta version of 1Password can also always be obtained from our downloads page. Your feedback is always welcome; we look forward to seeing you over in our 1Password 3 forum!

Thank you, testers, we really appreciate all the help leading up to this release! I’m sure you won’t have to wait very long at all for the next beta, you know how we are. =]


1 The MacUpdate web site states, “All sales are final. (Regardless whether the developer/publisher normally offers refunds.)” We are very sorry for any inconvenience, but as MacUpdate are processing today’s purchases, we would need to direct you to them for a refund, which they will not grant.