An update on 1Password for Windows

1Password for Windows beta

Development of 1Password for Windows is coming along wonderfully. Windows users should be sure to check out the current beta, and we’d love to hear feedback and suggestions in the forums!

We’re offering “early bird” pricing for people who buy a license during the beta period:

  • A single License is only US$19.95 (50% off)
  • A Family License (5 users) is just US$29.95 (57% off)

Download a free copy of the beta today, take it for a spin, and—if it’s as indispensable to you as it is to many of our users—grab a license soon to save more than half the full price!

Dropbox syncing is fully functional, so if you have a Dropbox account set up on a Mac or other Windows computer, you can immediately start syncing your data across multiple machines, as well as to your iPhone or Android running the 1Password for Android beta. You can find instructions for setting up and configuring 1Password with Dropbox here.

1Password for Windows beta

1Password for Windows is available on the downloads page!