Chrome users: you're going to love this!

We’ve got some great news for Chrome users: the latest version of 1Password includes a completely, 100% awesome revamp of the 1Password extension for Chrome. If we may say so, it’s pretty amazing. With full support for form-filling, Identities and Credit Cards, it not only reaches feature-parity with the Safari and Firefox extensions, you might even think that it passes them up with a great new interface and full access to all of your 1Password data!

The new Chrome extension is, for the time being, only available for Mac users. Windows users, we’ll keep you posted!

We’ve been working hard on this release, and Chrome support has been a major focus as of late. We wanted to give our Chrome users some extra love because we love Chrome, too. Rather than trying to replicate the existing plugins, we concentrated on building a new extension which takes full advantage of all of the cool features Chrome offers. We love it, and we think you will, too.

1Password 3.5 includes some updates and improvements to the desktop version, too. For one, Dropbox setup and usage is easier than ever. We also improved overall performance, reduced memory and disk usage, and refined the interface.

Installing the Chrome Extension

  1. Once you’ve downloaded/updated to version 3.5 of 1Password (use 1Password > Check for Updates in your menubar), go to 1Password > Preferences and click the “Install Google Chrome Extension” at the bottom.


  2. Chrome will open with a welcome screen. You’ll need to tell Chrome that it’s ok to install the extension by clicking “Continue” at the bottom (left side) of the window.


  3. Last step! A dialog will pop up after you hit “Continue,” and will let you know that 1Password needs to access your data (required to handle all of the form-filling goodness in the new extension!). Click “Install” and you’re ready to start making full use of 1Password in Chrome!


You’ll find the 1Password icon at the top of your window, on the right side of your toolbar (it looks like a key). You can click it any time to open up the (gorgeous) new interface, where you can access logins for the current page, search through all of your logins, and access your Credit Cards and Identities. Note that, just like all of the browser extensions, you can type Command-\ at any time to access the 1Password window.

We think you’ll enjoy using the new extension as much as we enjoyed working on it!

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  1. ReeyWhaar
    ReeyWhaar says:

    I have several chrome instances on my mac (developing, clean and main) so when i click on the button in prefs to install extension, 1password opening the wrong (developing) instance. It’s sad. How can i install it on multiple accounts, or how can i choose what instance i need?

    Also i have found a bug. When in “browsers” preferences i have check “firefox 3” my firefox 4b7 start to crash on opening.

    So, it would be gratefull if you just give a links to all browsers versions plugins in the bottom of “browsers” prefs or anywhere.

    After keepassx 1password looking as God’s gift. Thank you :-)

  2. Brent Fuller
    Brent Fuller says:

    Great that you’ve recognized Chrome is gaining popularity! The only thing stopping me from buying 1Password is that there is no support for Chrome on Windows. My Windows desktop and Chrome is my primary browser, my MacBook Pro and Chrome is my secondary device along with my iPhone 4. I definitely see value in the software, but I’m holding off until you add that support!

  3. Guy
    Guy says:

    Nice and smooth extension, I love the unlock animation

    Its behavior is arbitrary. The keyboard shortcut does not work sometime, and form filling is not complete. Same sites with 1p on ff/safari work just fine.

    Almost there, but not there – yet :-)

  4. David
    David says:

    Love the Chrome extension, but am having problems with it recognizing/saving new logins. Assuming the process is similar to what happens in Firefox, but I’m getting nothing.

    Is there something I’m missing?


    • Brett
      Brett says:

      Hi David!

      Are you talking about an autosave, or a manual save? The Chrome extension can’t manually save logins (yet) so I’d suggest doing manual saves in Firefox or Safari for the time being. If you’re having trouble with autosaving new logins, make sure you have Autosave enabled in Preferences->Logins.

      If you’re still having trouble, let us know if there’s a specific URL we can take a look at, and come join us in the forums for more troubleshooting!

  5. Mark
    Mark says:

    Similar to Guy and David – I find that it is often trying to fill in extra words (typically the next field name). For example it will put the word “Password” in my user name and if there’s a field after password it’ll add that to the password. Otherwise, the functionality is much cooler than in Safari…Thanks

  6. Paul de J
    Paul de J says:

    Just does not work in Chrome.
    So sorry to say so.
    Installing/syncing just works fine.

    It just wont log in on most of my sites (bank, tradee, newspaper, blogs etc)
    The same sites 1password has long been a reliable and trustworthy friend for in Safari & Firefox.

    Goodbye Chrome >> Uninstall

    • Brett
      Brett says:

      We’re constantly improving the automatic logins, and the next version of 1Password includes updates specifically for Chrome. We’ll announce the official release here, or you can try out the current beta by checking the box in your update preferences. If you still have sites that are problematic, please contact support or join us in the forums. We’re always looking to improve!

  7. Anders
    Anders says:

    After using it for a while now I have a questions regarding the extension.
    The default view is the button “Logins for this site” and it’s content.

    Does a site ever have multiple logins?
    Because, for me, there is always just 1 element in that list and a whole lot of emptyness (white area) that isn’t used for anything.

    Here are a few solutions I came up with:
    1. Make the hight of the rows in the list a lot bigger (maybe triple of what it is today – will make it easier to hit the button for faster login)
    2. Make the height of the entire extension-window smaller (about 2,5 rows – search becomes a bit smaller and in Login Details you could remove everything regarding “All fields” (usually they are just identical to the fields above)
    3. Combine 1 and 2.
    4. Fill the empty area with something else

    Just a few thoughts.

    Oh, and there is a bug when clicking the icon -> sometimes I have to click multiple times to open the content. It doesn’t seem to react that often to the first click and opens on the second…

    Keep up the good work!


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