New "Foxy" beta in town

Twitters been all a-titter with glowing praise for all of Firefox 4 beta 7’s newshiny niftiness. There’s the blazing speed, for example. The extensions are a given, of course. Then there’s this new Panorama thing they’ve got goin’ on. All really cool stuff, but there’s one thing missing, and your tweets tell us you’ve noticed: 1Password.

We’re all geeks on the 1Password team: passionate about technology and eager to get our grubby paws on the latest gear and cutting-edge application builds. But come on, Firefox team, couldn’t we have just a little time to enjoy our new Chrome extension’s buzz? Oh. You don’t develop with us in mind, is that what you’re saying? I see. Well, all right then.

I know that 1Password not working is a deal-breaker for many, and we take your faith in us really seriously. To be honest, the easiest thing for us to do would be to simply insist on not supporting beta software, but that would make a lot of our 1Password family members very sad, and that would make us sad. The tricky thing about supporting beta software, though, is that sometimes things change overnight and we have to scramble to accommodate those changes. That’s what’s happened with Firefox 4 beta 7.

Developer Chad has been playing with beta 7 and he’s made some great progress. We can’t talk timeframes but we’re really hoping that we won’t have to keep everybody waiting for very long. (I can’t play with Panorama ‘til 1Password’s working, so I’m cheering Chad on along with all of you.)

As always, for the latest news, keep an eye on our forums and Twitter feed.

Thanks for your patience and words of encouragement!

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