Exciting updates to the Chrome extension!

We finished some great updates to the 1Password Chrome Extension over the weekend, and wanted to let everybody know about some new features:

First, we received a lot of feedback from our users about not being able to disable Autosubmit, and we were able to fix that. We also received many requests for customizable keyboard shortcuts; well, now you can! The 1Password Chrome Extension now respects the 1Password for Mac preferences.

Lastly, our weekend efforts resulted in Autosubmit working with Go & Fill, so now you can log in to your favorite sites with even fewer keystrokes. Surfing the web securely with Chrome is more convenient than ever!

We love hearing from our users, and we love filling their requests. We also love Chrome, so this has been a blast to work on. The extension will update automatically for Chrome users who have it installed, so you can start enjoying the new goodies right away!

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