Yay! Firefox 4 beta 7, let's dance!

By which I mean Snoopydance, naturally. I’m happy to tell you that the latest 1Password for Mac beta (3.5.1 beta 2, as of this writing) introduces support for Firefox 4 beta 7! We said late last week that we hoped we wouldn’t have to keep you nice folks waiting too long, and Developer Chad really came through of all of us.

There’s still room for improvement, like HTTP auth and 32-bit support, but we’re very excited to push this out the door and into your hands as quickly as possible. You will need the latest 1Password for Mac beta for this, and the best way to get that is from within 1Password itself:

  1. Run 1Password and click 1Password > Preferences > Updates.
  2. Enable the “Include beta versions” option.
  3. Click the “Check Now” button.

If you’re not really keen on using a beta of 1Password for Mac, no worries, we’ll likely have it out of beta soon enough. If you decide to install it, though, and you’d like to provide feedback, we’re always happy to hear what you’ve got to say, whether in our forums (the best way) or via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

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