1Password for Windows is out, bundle licenses available!

Thanks to some hard work by our developers and a lot of feedback from our awesome beta testers, 1Password for Windows is officially ready to go! You can download it and try it out right now!

Licenses for 1Password for Windows are available individually for US$39.95, and we’ve got a special introductory deal today that will save you $5.

We also know that some of our Windows users will want to use 1Password on both their Mac and their PC, so we’ve got a bundled license deal for you, too. Choose the 1Password Mac + Windows Bundle on the Agile Store and get both licenses for US$59.95, or pick up a 5-user family license for US$99.95! That will save you $20 or more on the combination!

If you already own 1Password for Mac, take advantage of the $5 discount above and get running on both platforms!

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I love 1Password however I see the need for some refinements in the Windows version. I know it’s early days, but could you please consider some of the following requests?

    It would be great if the search field could be in focus automatically or if Auto-type would work when you open the window [without selecting the listbox].

    The list of logins could use more views or at least a larger standard font (like the Mac version). We’re going to scroll down anyway, or search, there’s no reason to save on space.

    I would love to see the preview pane on the right, more like the Mac version, I believe the majority of people have wide screen resolutions?

    I hate having to type in my Master Password every time I open the application but I can live with that.
    What I can’t stand is having to type it inside the Chrome extension, could you please let us choose that option under Preferences?

    • Brett
      Brett says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for all of the suggestions, we’ll take all of your feedback into consideration as we develop future versions.

      Regarding your last question about the Master Password in the Chrome extension, you can look under 1Password > Preferences > Security in 1Password, and disable unlock for all applications. That will prevent you from having to enter the Master Password when using 1Password in your browsers.

  2. Saif
    Saif says:


    Since Roboform has lied about their life time update license and asked people to pay for their v7 desktop update, I am moving to 1Password for Windows. I don’t really care about paying more or even paying for 1Password updates as long as you are honest and won’t lie to sell me a license. I can trust them with my passwords anymore.

    My question is if you have plans to implement UPEK fingerprint to the Windows version and when.


    • Brett
      Brett says:

      Sorry, Saif, we don’t currently have any plans to implement fingerprint scanning. We will, however, always keep pricing and upgrades honest (and sane)!

  3. Eyad
    Eyad says:

    I purchased the pro version of 1password on my iPod long time ago, i just downloaded the windows version just to back up my logins, i liked the software but do i have to pay for it.

    • Brett Terpstra
      Brett Terpstra says:

      Hi Eyad,

      Yes, the Windows version of 1Password is sold separately, but the Mac and Windows versions are also available as a bundle if you use both platforms.

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