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We recently switched from Tumblr back to a self-hosted blog, and our RSS feed address has changed. For folks who read our posts via RSS, you’ll want to update your reader to point to . That way, you’ll get the full text of the articles, and not just a teaser!

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  1. Joel McIntosh
    Joel McIntosh says:

    Any specific reason you guys moved away from using Tumblr? I’ve been looking at moving away from our self-hosted blog … and moving to Tumblr, Posterous, or something similar. Did you experience some problems with Tumblr that pushed you back to your self-hosted blog?

    • Brett
      Brett says:

      We decided to self-host again for better flexibility on the back end and stability (uptime). Tumblr just ended up being too restrictive when it came to customization, and a few extended periods of downtime were enough to convince us.

  2. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Thanks for the full feed!

    I’m reading quite a bunch of feeds but mostly offline and having the full text available simplifies things greatly for me.

    • Brett
      Brett says:

      We plan to have a version of 1Password available in the Mac App Store, eventually. The current version can’t meet Apple’s requirements for submission, but we’re planning to create one that does. Stay tuned to the blog and Twitter for future updates on that.

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