Firefox 4, 1Password, and You

On March 22, the Mozilla Foundation unleashed Firefox 4 on the browser world. Firefox 4 betas have been available to adventurous users and beta testers for a while, but most users are just now upgrading. Since then, some users have upgraded and found 1Password’s lovely face to be missing.

The good news is that we have you covered. 1Password support for Firefox 4! 1Password users are frequently on the front end of the curve with new browser goodness, so 1Password has had [support for Firefox 4][1] since it was [in beta.][2] In order to get 1Password working in Firefox 4, you’ll just need to enable the Firefox 4-specific browser extension.


1. Quit Firefox and then go to the main 1Password application.
2. Make sure you’re using the latest release by choosing *1Password > Check for Updates…* from the menu bar.
3. Navigate to *1Password > Preferences > Browsers* and check Firefox 4. (If you’ve replaced Firefox 3 so it is no longer on your system, you can also uncheck Firefox 3.)
4. Launch Firefox and things should be back to normal.

![Browser preferences window][3]


### But what if they’re not?

Firefox can be stubborn about extensions sometimes, so there are a few things to double check if 1Password is still missing from Firefox 4 after performing the above steps.

1. Check if the toolbar is just not enabled. You can enable the 1Password toolbar by checking the *View > Toolbars > 1Password Toolbar* menu.
2. Force [a full reinstall][4] of the Firefox extension. Sometimes Firefox holds on to old extension files and this can help clear things up.
3. Try a [fresh Firefox profile][5].


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    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      When you restart Firefox in 32-bit mode, you’ll need to remove and re-install the extension. We determine which bit-ness of the extension to install when the extension is installed, so if Firefox changes, you’ll need to manually reinstall from 1Password > Preferences > Browsers. I hope that helps.

    • Gen
      Gen says:

      I’ve gone through the instructions many times, have reinstalled the extension and I still get an error: “1password is incompatible with Firefox 4; 1Password 2.12.1 (disabled)” Running 10.5.8. Any ideas?

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      Gen, the Firefox 4 extension is only available in 1Password 3. You can read more about upgrading here:

      For good measure, I looked up your account and I see that you’ve already purchased your 1Password 3 upgrade, so that’s great and you’ll be good to go by following the instructions in the guide above. (You might need to install the 1Password 3 license after upgrading. You should have received this by email, but if you can’t find it, you can retrieve it here: )

      If you have any troubles, please don’t hesitate to write to us

    • Gen
      Gen says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for this feedback.

      Two things to note: users of 2.12.1 when they check updates are told that they are running the newest version (which is both true and not true.) Also there is no error message that alerts users of 2.XX that it does not work on Firefox 4.

    • marty
      marty says:

      @Gen: I’m sorry for the confusion. Because some of our users must continue using 1Password 2 (for Tiger support as an example), its Check For Update menu option only looks for further “2.n” releases, not for 3.n.

      And you are correct in that 2.12.1 doesn’t tell you that it doesn’t support Firefox 4, or even the more current versions of Safari. Rather than trying to update an older version that isn’t receiving other code changes to tell you what it cannot do, we’re simply not updating it at all to keep it as stable as possible. It has been well over a year since 1Password 3 was officially released. This is a hard choice but one that we needed to make so we could focus on our current and highly active developments.

    • Kieren McCarthy
      Kieren McCarthy says:

      I have this exact problem re: Firefox 4 and 1Password 2.12.1. I have a licence for 1Password 3 but it is running 2.12.1.

      Am I right that because I am using Mac OS X Tiger that I am can only run 1Password2, and because of that it won’t work with Firefox4?

      So the only solution to get 1Password to work in the browser is to upgrade my entire OS?


    • Khad
      Khad says:

      This suggestion has come up from time to time. Thank you for letting us know it would be useful to you as well. We really appreciate the feedback! We will certainly post here if we have any news about Opera support.

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