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It’s kind of fitting that we reinvent ourselves (reborn, if you will) just in time for Mother’s Day, eh? (Mother’s Day is this Sunday in the States.) Agile Web Solutions, Inc. is now AgileBits. Out with the stodgy old name, in with the new! There are a couple of reasons we’ve made this change:

  • Our fantastic friends over at Smile Software changed their name from SmileOnMyMac and we got jealous.
  • I use the word “bit” with joyful abandon, almost too frequently.

Okay, those aren’t the real reasons. The truth is that we didn’t feel that our company name accurately reflected who we are, anymore. In all seriousness, there was too much seriousness! We’re a simple, fun-loving bunch. We work hard, changing direction on a dime. We’re Pac-Man, and—as you already know if you keep up with 1Password for Mac beta releases—we chomp bits. =]

So, that’s today’s news. Please pardon the debris while we clean up a bit (see? I told you!) around here. Give us a few days to get things sorted, and if you still see references to “Agile Web Solutions” anywhere, please let us know so we can change it to AgileBits.

Thanks, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. CurbedEnthusiasm
    CurbedEnthusiasm says:

    This is nice. I like it. I must admit, “Web Solutions” was getting a little dated, so I welcome the new change and offer congrats. Look forward to seeing all the cool new features and stuff under the AgileBits banner.

  2. CurbedEnthusiasm
    CurbedEnthusiasm says:

    P.S. I even noticed a Yonge Street address too? My old stomping ground! Pity I still wasn’t up there in Canada to stop by and say hello.

  3. sjk
    sjk says:

    I like this new shorter name though it may take getting used to saying, sort of like MacBook originally did. :)

    Btw, the page footer also still says “Agile Web Solutions is …”, like brian mentioned about the header.

  4. Ricardson Williams
    Ricardson Williams says:

    Nice! I wish great success for you guys!!! really deserves! you company give the best support.

    • nik
      nik says:

      Sorry for the trouble, Emerson. We have replied to your comment via e-mail, as it and our forums are much better communication channels for providing tech support. We hope to hear back from you soon and get the problem resolved!

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