Using 1Password in Safari on OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Happy Memorial day! I thought our friends in the US would appreciate a surprise on their holiday: 1Password now has great support for OS X 10.7! This will give everyone something to play with during their long weekend. :)

OS X 10.7 brings some fantastic changes and ushers in a completely new approach to how 1Password integrates with Safari. We’re really excited about the possibilities enabled by this new technology. One of the biggest changes you’ll see immediately is an entirely new UI:

Please see this forum post on details on how to enable 1Password on Lion:

Enabling 1Password in Lion

If you have any questions or problems, please [join us in the 1Password beta forum][1] and we’ll be happy to help. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And if you’re not in the US, call in sick on Monday. That’s my plan anyway. ;)


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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Awesome… I wish every app developer was as on the ball as you guys… its the slow ones that force me to wait to adopt the new operating system…

    • David Teare
      David Teare says:

      Thanks Ben! I have no plans on waiting to update to Lion[1] so I had no plans on making our customers wait, either :)

      [1]: Indeed, I’ve been running Lion exclusively for weeks now ;)

  2. Adam
    Adam says:

    “Happy Memorial day!” – not so happy (have to work, didn’t win 1pasword pro code, didn’t sleep well) – but thanks! ;-)
    Now to the point – is this going to be free update for existing 1password for mac users to 1password or new version…?

    • David Teare
      David Teare says:

      I’m glad our Lion news helped brighten your Memorial Day. If it helps even more, my idea of calling in sick today didn’t work so I’m working, too :)

      As for paid vs free: 1Password 3.6 and all other 3.x updates are free for all 1Password 3 license holders.


    • David Teare
      David Teare says:

      HTTP-authentication logins are going to be a problem in Lion as a lot has changed there. We’re working on finding a work around.

      BTW – in your post you mentioned that Chrome is not automatically unlocking for you, it should be, at least in the current (stable) version of the 1Password extension. We’re about to break it in the new beta but hope to restore it soon.

    • Erik Hansen
      Erik Hansen says:

      That’s a major drag about HTTP auth in Lion. I don’t have to get past HTTP auth often, but when I do it’s nice that 1Password handles it for me without a hitch.

      I’ve updated 1P and I no longer have to re-unlock the plug-in in Chrome. I guess I was running a slightly out of date version.

      Thanks for the info,

  3. Kennon Bickhart
    Kennon Bickhart says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been running Lion exclusively for a couple weeks now too and I have to say that having access to this beta has made it extremely more enjoyable. :) You all spoil us way too much with such awesome release schedules. I think you’re really robots in disguise and therefore never need to sleep.

    Take care and I will always recommend 1Password as a first purchase to any user, now that you’re on Windows too. :D

    • dave
      dave says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Kennon!

      As for sleep, I need a lot but often don’t get it b/c my kids are robots: they are always up late and up early. If they are robots I sure hope they follow Asimov’s 3 Laws and are just trying to make me stronger as somedays I feel they are trying to kill me :)

  4. Paul Turnbull
    Paul Turnbull says:

    Is right clicking the field to be filled still going to work in Safari with the new UI? I found the Chrome UI to be much cumbersome than the simple access through a contextual menu.


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