A Sneak Peek At 1Password 3.6

After months of 1Password 3.6 beta testing by our valiant forum patrons and early adopters, we are pleased to say that 1Password 3.6, a free update for all v3 owners, is nearly ready for its public debut. This has been our longest running beta since version 3.0 debuted almost 2 years ago, and there’s some great stuff in here that we’re excited to show you.

1Password 3.6 is scheduled to be released in late Spring, and since it’s such a big deal, here’s a sneak peek at some of its highlights:

  • Lion support! We pounced on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion as soon as Apple unleashed it upon developers for testing. Lion is scheduled to ship sometime this summer, but 1Password 3.6 is primed and ready for it, including an all new Safari extension with a revamped interface that we introduced in our Chrome extension last November. As of this blog post, our extensions for Chrome and Firefox work fine with their current versions on Lion, too. Check out Dave’s post last weekend for a little more info on this new design.
  • Snow Leopard and Lion only: Now that 10.7 Lion is supported, 1Password 3.6 will retire support for 10.5 Leopard in order to keep 1Password lean and mean. Our stats show that a whopping 89% of 1Password users have upgraded to 10.6 Snow Leopard, while 3% are already on Lion (sounds like a lot of developers use 1Password!). This also means that 1Password 3.6 has gone Intel-only. As usual, though, we’ll keep 1Password 3.5.9 (and every version back to 0.8.0!) available for download on our 1Password release history page. If you’re on Leopard, 1Password 3’s built-in update tool will not auto-update you to version 3.6.
  • Firefox 4 only: To keep up with Google Chrome’s increased development cycle, Mozilla is doing things like dropping PowerPC support (Firefox 4 is Intel-only) and implementing its own auto-upgrade policies to usher remaining users away from Firefox 3.x as quickly as possible. In fact, Firefox 5 is already in beta, so we need to pick up our pace too (though stay tuned for news of our Firefox 5 extension). While 1Password 3’s update tool will not auto-update Leopard users, it will auto-update for Snow Leopard and Lion users regardless of Firefox version. If you prefer to stay on Firefox 3, please disable 1Password’s auto updater under 1Password > Preferences > Updates now.

1Password 3.6 has plenty of other improvements that we’ll detail soon in a more thorough post. But these are the big ticket items that we wanted to discuss ahead of time to help users decide on their upgrade plans. If you’re willing to help us beta test 1Password on Lion and you just can’t wait to check out version 3.6’s improvements, or you’ve already upgraded to Lion and you just need 1Password to work in Safari, go to 1Password > Preferences > Updates and enable the “include beta versions” option. Then hit the “check now” button and perform the upgrade. You can also check this forum post for more detailed instructions and screenshots.

Thanks for helping us test 1Password! We’re really excited about this version and supporting Lion, so join us in our forums to let us know what you think!

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    • David Teare
      David Teare says:

      Stefan is hard at work on the Windows version; it’s gotten quite a bit of love already this year and it will get even more :) We have some other fun planned, too, as we’re hoping to bring the new Safari UI to Windows as well.

      Stay tuned!

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