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The dust is finally settling from changing our company name to AgileBits and moving our official blog to Your bookmarks should automatically redirect, but there is one last not-so-small change we’re making to the blog that might require a few of you to update your feed readers. Emphasis on might and a few.

As of this post, the Feedburner feed from our old Switcher’s Blog ( and the feed from this new Agile Blog ( are pulling a Voltron. They’re joining forces to become one single feed, here to defend the universe with knowledge of our products, important security topics, company news, and any other neat stuff we decide to write about.

From now on, our officially official Agile Blog feed will be We have good news and bad news about this change, but since I prefer to send you off on a high note, let’s start with the latter. The bad news is that some of you (very few, judging from our statistics) might have to update your feed readers with the new address manually. I’m pretty sure that Safari, for example, doesn’t automatically update RSS feed addresses for changes like this, but I’d be happy to be wrong.

But the good news is that the majority of you use Google Reader, which should update the feed address automatically. I’ll wait a day or two to make sure this post reaches all readers and corners of the web, then I’ll flip the switch to the new feed. I’ll use Feedburner’s built-in feed redirect option, which is what will notify smart readers like Google Reader to automatically update your subscription address. Still, if anything looks amiss next week, definitely let us know.

As always, thanks for reading!

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