(Updated) 1Password 3.6 shakes hands with Firefox 5, Lion, and Fluid

Please return your seats to their upright positions and fire up your software update clicking fingers, because 1Password 3.6 is here!

As we previewed last month, there are some big new features and changes under the hood, so be sure to read the details below or in our release notes:

  • Firefox 5 support – Mozilla is stepping up its browser release schedule, and Firefox 5 officially comes out of beta tomorrow, Tuesday June 21. Now you can be ready for it a day early! Initially we support Firefox 5 on the Mac, and we’re working on Windows support. Because of Mozilla’s brisk new pace, though, we have dropped support for Firefox 3.x, so you’ll need at least 4.0 or 5.0 to use 1Password 3.6.
  • 10.7 Lion and Safari 5.1 support – We love what we’ve seen in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Safari 5.1, which Apple plans to release sometime this summer. In fact, we’re so excited that we wanted to make sure you could use 1Password with Lion the day it ships! To help you arrive on Lion with style, we radically redesigned our Safari extension based on the beautiful Chrome extension we introduced last November. Plus, this new extension will work on Snow Leopard once Apple releases Safari 5.1 for users not yet on Lion.
  • Fluid support on Snow Leopard – 1Password has supported Fluid, Todd Ditchendorf’s app for creating site-specific browsers, for some time. Now that Fluid has gone 1.0, we updated 1Password to ensure Snow Leopard users can keep on browsing.
  • Support for 10.5 Leopard, PowerPC removed from 1Password – To keep 1Password lean, mean, and prepared for the future, we occasionally have to pick the right time to remove support for previous platforms. For 10.5 Leopard and PowerPC, that time is now. Our statistics show that those platforms have shrunk significantly in use among our customers, so removing them now makes it far easier to pave the way for some great new features that are coming in the not-too-distant future (for example, only about 5% are using Leopard, while over 7% are already on Lion!). It also helped us make some significant performance improvements and reduce 1Password’s file size by over 12 percent. If you use 1Password on Leopard or a PowerPC-based Mac, however, fear not: the app will not prompt you to auto-upgrade to a version that does not support your platform, and we will still answer your customer support questions. Plus, just in case, we keep all previous releases available from our 1Password versions page, all the way back to our very first public beta released in May 2006! Yep, it’s really been five years of 1Password.
  • Dropbox 1.2 support – Dropbox is making some key changes under the hood in an upcoming version 1.2 release, so we wanted to remain a step ahead. This is the same release that has been available as an experimental beta from Dropbox’s forums.

There are a ton more changes and fixes in this release! From tweaking our password strength meter to treat anything below nine characters as “weak”, to tidying up the About screen to mention our fresh new company name, 1Password 3.6 contains over 50 new features, changes, and fixes. You can go to 1Password > Check for Updates to kickstart our auto-upgrade process, or manually download a fresh, new, fully functioning 30-day trial from our 1Password page.