1Password 1.0.6 for Windows gets Firefox 5, System Tray support

We updated 1Password for Mac to support Firefox 5 and some other odds and ends, and now we’re back with a new Windows release!

1Password 1.0.6 for Windows brings a handful of handy new perks, and you can check out the full details of this release (and all previous versions) in our 1Password for Windows release notes. But if you’re the cliff notes type, let’s hit the highlights:

  • Firefox 5 support – Mozilla released the latest and greatest version of its browser this week, and 1Password for Windows is now ready for it
  • Chrome 13 support – Chrome 13 is currently in Google’s development/beta channel, but we’re able to support it now on Windows with this update
  • New “Close 1Password to System Tray” setting – Want 1Password to never be more than a System Tray click away? You got it
  • Lots of other changes – We now support Dropbox’s new configuration that is coming in version 1.2.x, we switched to a standard .ZIP format for backups, and we squashed plenty of bugs

This update is available now from our site or from 1Password’s Help > Check for Updates option. Enjoy!

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    • David
      David says:

      You can install our 1Password add-on for Firefox from 1Password’s preferences window. Just go to 1Password > Preferences > Browsers and enable the Firefox option. 1Password should ask you to restart Firefox in order to make sure it loads our new add-on.

      I hope this helps!

    • David
      David says:

      1Password opens links in whichever browser you set as your default. If you want your logins to open in Firefox instead of Safari, set it as your default browser and 1Password will honor that setting. You can use Firefox’s preferences pane, or Safari’s too, to set Firefox as the default.

      I hope this helps!

  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Hey David – I know you told us how to enable Firefox 5 above, but when I follow those steps, it only shows Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 as options to be checked.

    I’m running Mac OS 10.5.8. Thanks!


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