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Since my start here at AgileBits four years ago I’ve been designing everything from software interfaces to our booths at Macworld Expo. It’s been an ever-increasingly wonderful and daunting task. As time has gone by and we’ve created new products we have thought again and again about finding another designer to work with me. It is now that time. There are a few ways in which the right person could fit in here, so I’m going to start by talking a little bit about everything I do.

Web Design

We are very much a Ruby on Rails company. Our developers fell in love with Rails long before I joined up and continue to use and love it. Generally I mock things up in static HTML and CSS and leave wiring it all up to them (with quite a bit of back and forth, of course). It works out fairly well, but someone proficient in design and Rails to help take some of the load off me and the developers would be a huge help. HTML 5 and CSS 3 knowledge is a must in this area and JavaScript knowledge a big plus. This is the most likely area for you to fit in.

Ads and Graphic Design

This is by far the area with the least workload but still a very important one. We don’t do a ton of advertising but the occasional static banner ad, etc. comes across my virtual desk on average every few months. We’d also like to get some smaller badges/ads done for enthusiastic users and promoters (which I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to in quite a while). The only other thing in this area I’ve done is a couple Macworld Expo booth designs and pamphlets to pass out there which I don’t think we’ll be doing again anytime soon.

Software Interface Design

UI and UX take up the majority of my time. It’s also my favorite part of the job. I primarily mock things up in Photoshop and, when time permits, write it up in HTML and CSS to show interactivity. My almost entirely computer-illiterate family gets the privilege of being my sounding board. Having them around is an unbelievable help to me. The hope for me is that the right person joining us is going to give me more time to dedicate to this area.

Icon Design

Icon design is one of the areas that challenges me the most. It is incredibly difficult to make something beautiful at so many different sizes! Someone skilled in this area would be a huge boon to me. I have done my best here but end up relying heavily on stock art as a starting point in many cases. As much fun as it can be when I get it right, it would be nice to have someone with more of a specialty in this area.

Finishing Up (and how to contact me)

I’m not entirely sure if I’m looking for someone to almost completely take over one aspect of the design here at AgileBits or for someone that can help me do everything I do. A big part of the decision is going to be based on how well I think you will fit in here. We are an incredibly tight-knit group and there are a lot of challenges to working remotely that not everyone can handle. If you’re interested, I’d love to take a look at some examples of your work. The only real requirement here is a high level of skill and a real passion for design. Please send a brief introduction and link(s) to your portfolio to dan [at] agilebits [dot] com and I promise to get back to you as quickly as I can.

Edit: We are primarily looking for someone full time but depending on your abilities and situation part time is a possibility. I also briefly mentioned working remotely above. Just to be clear this is not a job that will require you to move anywhere. We all work from our homes (or coffeeshops, co-op spots, etc.) which can be both liberating and difficult at times.

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    • Chris
      Chris says:

      If only I had a bit more experience… Would love to work with a team as awesome as yours! Shame you couldn’t do internships ;)

    • Dan V Peterson
      Dan V Peterson says:

      I guess I should’ve been more explicit (although I did mention working remotely in the last paragraph). We all primarily work out of our homes (or coffeeshops, co-op spaces, etc.). AgileBits is made up of people from Ontario, Michigan, the Netherlands, New York, England, Texas… all over the place! This is not a job that would require you to move.

  1. Brian Layman
    Brian Layman says:

    Quick! Someone who uses Opera – join the team! You can be the one to wrap up that final missing feature and help achieve that elusive completely integrated web browser dev/testing environment!

    • Dan V Peterson
      Dan V Peterson says:

      Please check out the second to last paragraph. It gives contact instructions as well as what I’m looking for from your initial contact. Thanks for the interest!

  2. Dave Teare
    Dave Teare says:

    Dan forgot to mention our “Single Name Policy”. It’s too confusing to have multiple people with the same name (like 37 Signals’ multiple Jamie instantiations).

    David Chartier snuck through by going by David, and Khad was allowed to join because he spelt his name differently than Chad. Later we had to change the rules to include pronunciation as Khad and Chad sound the same and causes confusion. Luckily Khad is grandfathered so he can stay :)

    So, if you’re name is already taken and you’re thinking of applying, you better have a nick name you enjoy ;)

    • Khad Young
      Khad Young says:

      We should just rule out anyone whose name uses the Latin alphabet just to be on the safe side. :-P

      (Only kidding…though maybe I have started the wheels turning in Dave’s head. Haha!)

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