1Password 3.6.1 for Mac is ready for Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard

One day in the near future, Apple will release Safari 5.1 in Mac OS X Lion and also as an update for Snow Leopard. And on that day, dear 1Password users, you will be ready.

Sure, we released a huge 1Password 3.6 for Mac update barely over a week ago with support for Firefox 5, Lion, and Fluid 1.0, but we aren’t much ones for sitting around and twiddling our thumbs. We’ve just released 1Password 3.6.1, a minor update with a big new feature: support for Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard.

Safari 5.1 is a pretty big update that Apple is busy polishing, though we’re not sure when Apple will release it for Snow Leopard. But when Safari 5.1 comes out of developer beta, it’ll bring a bunch of new perks like support for full-screen web content, new features for Extensions (introduced in Safari 5), better Reader integration, and more. This means we were able to bring our new extension interface, which we introduced in Chrome last November, to Safari 5.1. Once Apple releases it to the public, Safari users will be able to enjoy our snazzy new extension pictured in this post.

A few other nips and tucks here and there, and 1Password 3.6.1 for Mac is now ready for prime time. Go to 1Password > Check for Updates to kickstart the auto-update process.

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  1. Mattias
    Mattias says:

    Just one question, is that fancy UI shown above, only available if you are running Safari 5.1 on Lion? I am using Safari 5.0.5 and Snow Leopard and I can only see the old interface.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Dawid
    Dawid says:

    The new UI is 100x more uncomfortable.
    First, you have to write your master password even you have saved it in your keychain
    Second, you must have 1password app opened and unlocked, if you want to use safari plugin.

    But it’s a lot faster than previous.. :)

    • dave
      dave says:

      Thanks for the feedback Dawid!

      Regarding your first point, it sounds like you have been storing your Master Password into the OS X Keychain, allowing 1Password to unlock automatically. This might be possible and after the Lion tsunami subsides I’ll be happy to look into this as I know many users appreciate this feature.

      Regarding your second point, it is true that 1Password needs to be opened and unlocked immediately after installing the Safari extension. This is to allow us to configure the extension properly. Once setup, however, as long as the 1PasswordAgent is unlocked, Safari should be able to run fine without the main 1Password application open.

  3. virgilio
    virgilio says:

    I have an error. When i Click on 1P icon on safari 5.1 i enter my password and i have this “data no available, please open and unlock 1 password app to upadte extension data”

    Why this?

    • dave
      dave says:

      After installing the extension you need to open the main 1Password application and unlock it. This will allow the extension to be configured properly.

      If you’ve already done this, please verify that you’ve updated to 1Password 3.6.1 and have updated the Safari extension (the easiest way to do this is to go to the 1Password > Preferences > Extensions window and click Install Safari Extension).

      If that still doesn’t help, please jump over to the forums and we’ll dig deeper.

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