1Password 3.5.12 is out for Leopard users!

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Ok Leopard users, this update is just for you—literally! Last month we released huge updates for Snow Leopard and Lion Mac users and Windows users, and now we have something special in store for those of you who are on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

1Password 3.5.12 is available now specifically for Leopard users, and it brings a couple of key additions. First up is support for Firefox 5 on Intel-based Macs. Why does our Firefox 5 support only work for Intel-based Macs, you ask? Mostly because, with version 5, Mozilla went Intel-only with Firefox.

The other big change in 1Password 3.5.12 for Mac involves Dropbox, and this one is for both Intel and PowerPC users on Leopard. Dropbox has an upgrade coming that makes some big changes under the hood, especially in regards to protecting some of its key database files and allow applications like 1Password to figure out where your Dropbox folder is. We worked with the company to support these changes and maintain a smooth experience for 1Password users. These changes arrived in our aforementioned updates last month, and now Leopard users will be prepared for Dropbox’s upgrade when it arrives.

As usual, if you’ve had your fill of cute cat videos and hyper-stylized photos for the day, you can read our full list of changes in 1Password 3.5.12 on our versions page. Leopard users who want to update can go to 1Password > Check for Updates.

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