Big Safari extension updates and a sneak peek

It’s been just four days since Apple unleashed Safari 5.1 and 10.7 Lion, a massive upgrade to nearly every aspect of your Mac. Back in June, we released a pair of updates to get the core of 1Password ready to support Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard, and we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of months rewriting our Safari extension from scratch in order to comply with new technologies and rules Apple has introduced, as well as to get 1Password prepared for the Mac App Store.

In the four short days since Lion’s release, our developers (who are in no way chained to their desks with stashes of Red Bull and Pop-Tarts) have released a total of six updates to the new Safari extension and an update to the main 1Password app. Now that our extension is an official Safari extension, Safari should check periodically and update it automatically. But just in case, here’s our how-to guide if you want to update right away.

We’re listening and updating

We’ve heard every piece of feedback you’ve sent, and already we’ve restored a number of features that users missed from the previous version, and we’ve added some polish for good measure:

  • Single-Stroke Login is back: If you only have one Login for a site, hitting the default Command-\ shortcut will now skip the extension interface and log you in right away
  • Go & Fill is back: Right-clicking the Dock icon or clicking an item’s URL from the 1Password app will now open the site in a new tab in Safari and log you in
  • Performance improved across the board: We’ve made big advances in speeding up the loading of our new extension and keyboard shortcut responsiveness
  • Extension now works on blank pages, Top Sites: You can now trigger our extension with our keyboard shortcuts if you’re on a blank page, Safari’s Top Sites, or even if the keyboard focus is in the Address Bar
  • Autosubmit settings now respected: If you’ve customized a Login’s Autosubmit settings in 1Password, the new Safari extension now respects that setting
  • 1Click Bookmarks are back: If you’ve created one or more 1Click Bookmarks, they should now work again
  • The extension is now a popover: Apple introduced popovers as a new interface element on iPad, and they were such a hit that it brought them to Mac in OS X Lion. We’ve found that a popover is a great way to display more of your 1Password data inside the browser so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the main app if you don’t want to
  • No longer resizes when using Safari 5.1’s Zoom features: Some Safari users like to take advantage of its clever View > Zoom In/Out/Text Only features, and an earlier version of our extension would resize itself according to those settings. Not anymore
  • Auto-Submit greatly improved: We’ve done a lot of work to improve the new extension’s ability to submit forms, and sites like and should work again

Of course, these features and fixes are all in addition to the great stuff we can do with this new extension that could never be possible with the previous format. If you don’t know about all the new extension’s tricks like keyboard shortcuts and a better view of your data, you should definitely check out our intro document and FAQs, as well as our installation guide if you still need to get setup with Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard or Lion.

We certainly aren’t taking a break though—no, not even on a Sunday. We know we have plenty of work to do and features to restore, so if you’re still missing something, please check the Known Issues in our troubleshooting guide for progress updates and explanation of what’s going on. Many of your questions have probably been answered there or in our main 1Password FAQs, so check those out.

Sneak peek at an interface revamp

Now for the sexier stuff. The new Safari extension is using a 1.0 version of our new extension interface that we introduced in Chrome last November. We redesigned the extension so we could offer a number of features users have been asking for and unify the 1Password experience across Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as the aforementioned compatibility aspirations for Lion, Safari 5.1, and the Mac App Store.

We have received a lot of great feedback on this design, and based on your responses, we’ve been working on a revamp that will tighten up the interface but still provide access to our great new features like full mouse or keyboard navigation, new keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to view and copy more of your data than ever before right from the browser. Take a look:

Now remember: this is just our vision for the new extension’s design, and everything is in flux. But so far, we really like the tighter layout, reduction of white space, the ability to view more items at once, and some other pending perks that you might be able to glean from these shots.

But that’s enough about us—let us know what you think in our forums! You can of course comment here on the blog as well, but our staff can provide better assistance in the forums.

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  1. Paul Turnbull
    Paul Turnbull says:

    I’ll be the lone dissenter here. :)

    I am using the Safari 5.1 interface and I desperately want contextual menu support back. I realize you are working on it but I would like to reiterate how much I want it back. Form filling has gone from right click, select, and move one to at least three clicks, often times far removed from the actual location I’m filling in the document.

    1Password was one of the dream apps that with a minimum of effort got the job done and got out of the way. Now it feels awkward and in the way.

    I love the app and have convinced a lot of people to use it. I still love the app but it feels like it just got more awkward to use.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Paul, thanks so much for the kind words and telling other people about 1Password! As far as bringing the contextual menu back, I’m glad you know we’re working on it because I’m not sure what else I can tell you. Bringing back features from the previous extension is a top priority right now so we hope to have it for you soon.

      In the meantime, have you ever tried out our keyboard shortcuts? With some of the new shortcuts we’ve added, you can log in even faster from the keyboard than you ever could with a mouse.

      Sorry I couldn’t tell you more just yet. Hopefully we’ll have more good news soon.

    • Paul Turnbull
      Paul Turnbull says:

      Two things on keyboard shortcuts:

      1. Shortcut conflicts are common with system add-ons. For example 1Password and Launchbar both want Command-\. Fortunately I don’t use the particular action in LB so I can disable it.

      2. I don’t find keyboard shortcut faster for logins as when I’m browsing my hand is typically on the mouse. I click a link to login, it brings up a login panel, I right-click and select the login. With the shortcut I have to move my hand to the keyboard, hit command-option-\, move my hand to return, move my hand back to the mouse.

      3. (I know I said two). Is there a way once I’m on the keyboard to get the identity fills without having to move my hand back the mouse?

      Of course it’s all a moot point since you’re working on bringing that function back and I it’s definitely good to have alternate ways of doing things to fill multiple workflows.

      Keep up the good work!

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback! The points you bring up are why a focus of this new extension was optimizing the experience for both mouse and keyboard users.

      As for number three… well, you did start by saying “two things”, but I’ll let it slide just this once. :D But seriously: yes, you can navigate between tabs in the extension with Command-left/right arrow key. Then up/down arrow keys to switch between items.

      I hope this helps!

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Ah, nice catch, James!

      This is correct in our current implementation, and we will be sure to fix this on the way from design mockup to final release. :)

  2. Norman Rogers
    Norman Rogers says:

    There is no way to lock the safari 5.1 extension window. It does not lock on screensaver, timeout. I haven’t tested sleep. The only way to disable it is to click on the lock symbol on the window. This is a big security flaw as it will remain accessible forever when leaving the computer.

    In chrome the extension does lock when the big window locks.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey, Norman!

      The auto lock/unlock is something we are working on. Hopefully we will have this fixed soon. It is a top priority! :)

  3. Connor
    Connor says:

    Great job guys! This fixes many of my gripes with the new extension. I’m especially glad you’ve moved it into an overlay and out of the iframe. And thanks for making it honor the “don’t offer to save” settings! It would still be nice to have the close button on the autosave dropdown bigger, and for a “never for this site option” like on the old extension.

    Keep up the good work!

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Thanks so much for the feed back — and your kind words!

      We have been working hard to improve it, and — while we have made good progress — we’re not done yet. Those are definitely things we would like to add going forward to make life a little bit sweeter. :)

  4. Sam
    Sam says:

    I’m not sure if I’m reading the screenshots right, but it looks as if a day may soon come when the main 1Password application rarely needs to be opened at all!
    All of this Lion transition stuff has shown how awesome the 1Password team truly is.
    Now if I could only get my father to switch over to using it, from his current system of post-it’s.

  5. Jay Kerr
    Jay Kerr says:

    1Password is an essential app for me as a web designer/developer. Unfortunately the autofill doesn’t work for me at all any more with Lion and Safari 5.1.

    I updated the plugin twice just to make sure. Right now the app is uselss to me in Safari which means I have to switch to Firefox until Agile can get it working the way it use to pre-Lion and Safari 5.1. Ugh.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Jay. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with our new extension. Could you get in touch with our support folks and describe more of the actual problem? Our forums are the best place since we have support folks who constantly monitor and offer help there:

      Add a post there and describe more of the problem: what actually isn’t working, which sites is 1Password not filling properly, etc. We can get you squared away. Thanks!

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