Big Safari extension updates and a sneak peek

It’s been just four days since Apple unleashed Safari 5.1 and 10.7 Lion, a massive upgrade to nearly every aspect of your Mac. Back in June, we released a pair of updates to get the core of 1Password ready to support Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard, and we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of months rewriting our Safari extension from scratch in order to comply with new technologies and rules Apple has introduced, as well as to get 1Password prepared for the Mac App Store.

In the four short days since Lion’s release, our developers (who are in no way chained to their desks with stashes of Red Bull and Pop-Tarts) have released a total of six updates to the new Safari extension and an update to the main 1Password app. Now that our extension is an official Safari extension, Safari should check periodically and update it automatically. But just in case, here’s our how-to guide if you want to update right away.

We’re listening and updating

We’ve heard every piece of feedback you’ve sent, and already we’ve restored a number of features that users missed from the previous version, and we’ve added some polish for good measure:

  • Single-Stroke Login is back: If you only have one Login for a site, hitting the default Command-\ shortcut will now skip the extension interface and log you in right away
  • Go & Fill is back: Right-clicking the Dock icon or clicking an item’s URL from the 1Password app will now open the site in a new tab in Safari and log you in
  • Performance improved across the board: We’ve made big advances in speeding up the loading of our new extension and keyboard shortcut responsiveness
  • Extension now works on blank pages, Top Sites: You can now trigger our extension with our keyboard shortcuts if you’re on a blank page, Safari’s Top Sites, or even if the keyboard focus is in the Address Bar
  • Autosubmit settings now respected: If you’ve customized a Login’s Autosubmit settings in 1Password, the new Safari extension now respects that setting
  • 1Click Bookmarks are back: If you’ve created one or more 1Click Bookmarks, they should now work again
  • The extension is now a popover: Apple introduced popovers as a new interface element on iPad, and they were such a hit that it brought them to Mac in OS X Lion. We’ve found that a popover is a great way to display more of your 1Password data inside the browser so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the main app if you don’t want to
  • No longer resizes when using Safari 5.1’s Zoom features: Some Safari users like to take advantage of its clever View > Zoom In/Out/Text Only features, and an earlier version of our extension would resize itself according to those settings. Not anymore
  • Auto-Submit greatly improved: We’ve done a lot of work to improve the new extension’s ability to submit forms, and sites like and should work again

Of course, these features and fixes are all in addition to the great stuff we can do with this new extension that could never be possible with the previous format. If you don’t know about all the new extension’s tricks like keyboard shortcuts and a better view of your data, you should definitely check out our intro document and FAQs, as well as our installation guide if you still need to get setup with Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard or Lion.

We certainly aren’t taking a break though—no, not even on a Sunday. We know we have plenty of work to do and features to restore, so if you’re still missing something, please check the Known Issues in our troubleshooting guide for progress updates and explanation of what’s going on. Many of your questions have probably been answered there or in our main 1Password FAQs, so check those out.

Sneak peek at an interface revamp

Now for the sexier stuff. The new Safari extension is using a 1.0 version of our new extension interface that we introduced in Chrome last November. We redesigned the extension so we could offer a number of features users have been asking for and unify the 1Password experience across Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as the aforementioned compatibility aspirations for Lion, Safari 5.1, and the Mac App Store.

We have received a lot of great feedback on this design, and based on your responses, we’ve been working on a revamp that will tighten up the interface but still provide access to our great new features like full mouse or keyboard navigation, new keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to view and copy more of your data than ever before right from the browser. Take a look:

Now remember: this is just our vision for the new extension’s design, and everything is in flux. But so far, we really like the tighter layout, reduction of white space, the ability to view more items at once, and some other pending perks that you might be able to glean from these shots.

But that’s enough about us—let us know what you think in our forums! You can of course comment here on the blog as well, but our staff can provide better assistance in the forums.

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  1. alex
    alex says:

    Wow. Zero to sucks in under five seconds.

    This program used to work. Now I can’t even rectify logins on problematic sites by launching the program from the browser. And you want me to remember a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to replicate lost functionality? Really? Why do you think I got this program in the first place?!

    THis is supposed to SIMPLIFY my life. Don’t forget the purpose of your software, you know, the epiphany you started out with.

    Rule number two: Don’t make your upgrade WORSE than the original.

    Thanks for watching.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Alex, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with 1Password. Apple made some massive changes in Lion so we had to do a tremendous amount of work to get 1Password and its extension to comply with the new tech and prepared for the Mac App Store. We’re working really hard on restoring all features, and we’ve already brought back quite a few. More are on the way!

      We’re working on bringing back the “launch 1Password from the extension” feature, but I wonder if one of our new features might be able to help you more. We added the ability in the new extension to view and copy an item’s data without having to open the app at all. Once you find an item, you can click the right arrow next to it or hit the right arrow on your keyboard to view that item’s details. You can then copy, say, a Login’s password or a Credit Card’s number, for pasting into something like a Flash site. All without having to open the app.

      We have more updates on the way, and hopefully we’ll have an extension more to your liking soon.

    • alex
      alex says:

      I’m not running Lion, but I did update Safari; maybe it’s all the same. I tried re-saving logins, no go. On some sites 1P claims not to have a saved login at all.

      Had I known this would be an issue I would’ve waited to upgrade. I’m sure you’ll get it figured out eventually, but I’d rather turn the clock back a few days and wait for something functional.

  2. Steve Frawley
    Steve Frawley says:

    I haven’t done too many logins today after another update, but I have been having problems with numerous logins (7/24 and before) with the new extension.

    Please add back the ability to start the application within Safari (extension).

    I know it is a work in progress, but I am not tickled so far . . . .

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey there, Steve!

      We are working hard, and if you are having trouble with specific sites, be sure you let us know via email or the forums so we can do our best to get it working for you!

      The “Launch 1Password” shortcut from within the extension is something that a lot of people miss (we had no idea how popular this was!), and we are looking into adding this in a future update.

      Keep the feedback coming. We aim to please, and hopefully we can win you over in time! :)

    • Steve Frawley
      Steve Frawley says:

      Just installed 3.7 and the new extension. I am pretty disappointed and regret having 2 friends install it last week. I have had more hassle in the last two weeks than the last two years. It seems to take more clicks to get less functionality.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Steve, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having. We just released a major new addition to the extension with a great redesign based on feedback like yours and a lot of fixes. Please check out our announcement post and the guides I linked in it that explain how to update:

      To make sure everyone is on the same page, I’ll close the comments on this post and direct folks to the new post and our forums, where our support personnel stand ready and waiting to help you better than I can here:

      I hope this improves your experience!

  3. capemaster
    capemaster says:

    The new Safari extension sucks:

    1. There is no “Never for this site”… 1p is asking me every time to save my gmail password… I don’t want!
    2. Where are the folders?
    3. please stop with this iOS graphics mania
    • David
      David says:

      Hi Capemaster, thanks for your feedback. Like I mentioned in the post, we have a support document that catalogs some of the remaining features and fixes we have yet to bring back to the new extension and current issues, such as 1Password asking to re-save existing Logins:

      Do you by chance have Safari’s password auto-fill feature turned on? That can cause the issue of asking to re-save Logins. We’ve always recommended that this feature be disabled, as it has long conflicted with our extension. Please see this document for more info and how to turn it off:

      As for folders, that is among the features that we are bringing back to the app. Stay tuned for an update.

      On the topic of the new interface, I’m sorry to hear you don’t seem to like it. But what about the redesign that we show at the end of this post? Any thoughts on that? We’ve been working on bringing a larger slice of 1Password into the browser for some time, as an interface like this allows us to do things like display more of your data and let you view item details and even copy them without having to open the 1Password app our drop what you’re doing in the browser. The redesign was also necessary to comply with new Apple technologies and rules introduced in Lion and Safari 5.1, as well as to get 1Password ready for the Mac App Store.

      I hope this helps, and we hope to have more updates soon that bring more features and fixes to the extension. Stay tuned!

    • capemaster
      capemaster says:

      Thanks for the reply.

      No, my automatic fill is always off.

      I’have noticed also that if the app is unlocked with the master pass, the safari ext is not. Bug?

      The iOS like interface is something I hate, but I won’t blame you. This is caused by Apple that is abandoning mac users (and pro users) to catch the iOS people in the OSX market.
      The sneak peak seems to be good with respect to the current interface, but i simply don’t like those graphics library in OSX. It’s blurry and toy-feel.
      This is my opinion. Feels lika an extraneous body in the browser.

      Hope this helps.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi again Capemaster, and thanks for your feedback. You are correct in that AutoUnlock does not work yet, so the 1Password app and extension will both ask to be unlocked. We’re working on that one, and we’ll be updating this support doc (in addition to the blog and Twitter) once we restore that feature:

      As for the interface, thanks again for your feedback here. I don’t think Apple is abandoning Mac users though. Just look at Lion! It brought over 250 new features to the Mac, and the Mac is selling better than ever. I think iOS has just taught Apple a lot about making computing devices easier to use, and it’s introducing some of that new knowledge in Lion. When it comes to our more graphical new interface, we’ve been wanting to introduce something like this for a while because it allows us to give you access to more of your 1Password data in the browser than ever before (try finding an item and clicking the right arrow next to it, or hitting the right arrow key on your keyboard—we couldn’t do that before). Plus, it makes it much easier for both mouse and keyboard users to get around, so everyone can navigate easier and faster in a way that is comfortable to them.

      We’ll definitely be refining the interface though, so stay tuned! This is new territory for all of us, and things will only get better as we learn more from feedback like yours. :)

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      I just wanted to pass a quick thank you for getting a lot of 1Password updated. I like the new Safari U.I. too.

      There is only one thing left and capemaster said it – the “never for this site” option. It is driving me nuts. I know you’re already working on it, but I’m adding one more vote for that feature in the hopes it might get here sooner than scheduled.

      Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • David
      David says:

      Thanks for the kind words and your feedback Alex! We’ll definitely make announcements here, on Twitter, and on Facebook when more features like “never for this site” are ready.

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    Yesterday the new Safari plugin worked. Now it keeps asking me for my Master Password and will not accept it. Thank goodness the desktop version is working or I would really be screwed. Problem is that I now have to manually insert my login information for all the sites I am trying to log into.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      Private Browsing is turned off, I do not use that feature. By the way I have not upgraded to Lion yet because I don’t want the problems that usually appear when you adopt to early.

      Also, I can’t get the 1P button to show up in the Safari Toolbar any more. I tried re-installing the extension from within my 1Password desktop program preferences but it does not seem to work. I don’t get the confirmation window asking if I want to install the plugin.

    • Greg
      Greg says:

      Hi Peter,

      I too had this same issue after the latest apple update that upgraded Safari.

      I am still on Snow Leopard for the exact same reasons as you!

      I ended up downreving Safari to 5.0.5, Firefox 4.0.1 and 1P 3.5.13 until it’s all at a point where my workflow is not impacted. (Downreving Safari requires the utility Pacifist).

      Disclaimer – any results are entirely your own doing so don’t blame me or Agilebits if something goes amiss.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Dipke. Sorry for any confusion: The actual command is Command-\, which is the backslash key just above the Return key. Does that help?

    • been there
      been there says:

      There is a key known as the command key. It has one or more of the following identifiers CMD or command or an image of something sort of like a four leaf clover. This key is usually nearby the space bar. The command key is known as the Windows key when using a Windows keyboard.

      Press and hold the command key, and with the command key held down press the back slash key \ now release all keys.

  5. Charles
    Charles says:

    This version is a big improvement. Both my Safari issues — Chase Bank login and confusing implementation of cmd-W window closing — are fixed. Thanks for taking care of it so quickly.

    • David
      David says:

      Great to hear Charles! Thanks a bunch for letting us know, and I’m really glad our updates have improved things for you.

  6. James
    James says:

    The new Safari version is hideous. :(
    The early sneak peak is looking much better. :)
    I do miss the simple menus we had in the older version.

    Feature I’m missing so far (used it for the whole of 5 mins) copy from the password generator. Do I really have to highlight and press Cmd+C to copy the generated password.

    I’m sure theres other features I’m missing and ones you are working on.

    Looking forward to the next update. Just a shame we’re left with this in the meantime.

    It’s tough work but chin up.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi James, thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you like the upcoming extension design, we hope to have it polished up soon.

      As far as copying your password from the Generator, this is another feature we’re looking at bringing back. I don’t have a timetable on it yet though, but we know people found it convenient. In the meantime, a small workaround might help: OS X is pretty smart about selecting text, so if you double click on your password, OS X will select the entire chunk of text for you. If you have one or more symbols in your password, triple click.

      Stay tuned for more updates. We’ll announce something here and on Twitter as soon as possible!

  7. Adam Bernardi
    Adam Bernardi says:

    OK, here’s a weird one, when I go to my Godaddy email site:

    and use 1P to sign in, it dumps me into it’s mobile email site as opposed to the regular desktop email. If I turn off auto-submit and enter it myself it’s ok. Is there a fix for this? Also, I can’t seem to open the 1P app from the 1P menu anymore, that was really useful to me. And I’m not crazy about the look, I much prefer how it used to behave. However, I’ve been reading a bunch of the comments and your responses and understand the dilemma. Apple has been acting like a real bully these days, just look at the Final Cut Pro X fiasco.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey there, Adam!

      Thanks for the feedback! I hope the interface will grow on you with time, even as we refine it. Hopefully we can meet you halfway. :)

      Regarding your GoDaddy issue, I would love it if you would post about this in the forums. I don’t have an account with them myself, and I wonder if others are also experiencing this problem. Hope to see you there! :)

  8. Sander
    Sander says:

    “Single-Stroke Login is back”

    This won’t work for me.
    I have 1 pass saved for a site, have the 1password extension 3.6.5 beta 30 and when I hit CMD-\ I always get the extension window with 1 option to choose from.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Sander. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the latest extension. Have you by chance updated the main 1Password application? Some extension features will require an update of the app because it changes some things on the back-end when it comes to letting the extension interact with your data, and I think Single-Stroke Login might be one of them. If you could, please try updating the app, then restarting Safari to see if Single-Stroke Login works again. If not, I think the next step might be to post this in our extension forum where our knowledgeable support folks can help you better than I:

  9. John
    John says:

    The 1P Safari 5.1 extension as not improved usability! It takes to much space, is not practical and is UGLY! It may look nice in a mobile phone, but not in Lion. 1P has always been that thing that just sits there and makes our life easier. This is a major setback…

    Seems like you really enjoy the “iPhone look”, and this approach would probably save some code between different versions of 1P. However it looks ugly in OSX…

    There are many things that are not working any more (Like basic Auth) and i know it was due to changes in the Safari API. However, Lion was seeded a few months ago, these changes should not have been made near Lion release date!

    Keep up with the development :)


    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Hey, John! Thanks for the feedback! I honestly don’t see it though. I use the iOS apps every day, and the new extension doesn’t remind me of my iPhone… ;)

      While you are correct that Lion was seeded originally back in January, we had 6 months of “no problem” before Apple removed scripting additions just before the GM was released. Ah well.

      Nevertheless, thanks for the encouragement, even if we may not see eye to eye. I hope we will be able to win you over in time! :)

    • John
      John says:

      I’m a developer, so I’m familiar with those Apple moves. It happened with most new versions of OSX. Suddenly Apple changes the API and breaks lots of stuff.

      Regarding the look, it reminds me a lot iOS… but probably that is just me.
      The major point I see is the huge space 1P now takes. Everything seems big and 1P looks intrusive.
      Probably you could use themes, or if it is just me, ignore it and keep up with this fine software.


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