It's here

What’s here? Oh nothing… just the most fantastic 1Password extension design for Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard of all time.


Why release it on a Sunday?

Because we love you. We’ve been working around the clock to get you a new extension worthy of Lion and we didn’t want to wait. Seriously: on Saturday afternoon, I was in the middle of rollerblading Chicago’s lakefront when our fearless leader IM’d me to say the team had finished a public beta of the new version. I cut my workout short so I could start drafting this post in the middle of Millenum Park. That’s how excited we are about this.

What’s so fantastic about it?

Everything. The interface has been completely Dan-ified and the autofilling has been Roustem-ized. This is a total revamp of our new extension based on the greatest feedback we could ever hope for: yours. We’ve added so many features and fixes that I’m honestly not sure if I should even try to stuff them all into this post, so check our extension changelog for the full story. Otherwise, check out the cliff notes and a screenshot gallery below:

  • A gorgeous, streamlined, and powerful new version of our extension interface. Also: gorgeous
  • You can now launch 1Password from the new Settings panel
  • Yeah you read that right: There’s a new Settings panel inside the extension for toggling things like AutoUnlock, AutoSubmit, whether passwords are concealed, and our web-based user guide
  • Navigate your Vault categories (Logins, All Logins, Identities, Credit Cards) with Tab and Shift-Tab
  • View an item’s details without opening 1Password by clicking its right arrow or pressing your right arrow key
  • Copy any detail to the clipboard from an item’s detail view by mousing over it and clicking—great for logging into Flash sites!
  • Go & Fill once again opens a new tab when used from the All Logins panel inside the extension (our default Command-Option-\ shortcut is a fan favorite!)
  • Search liberated for all item views, not just Logins. Typing in any list view does exactly what you think it should
  • AutoSubmit greatly improved
  • Don’t like a password that our Strong Password Generator gave you? Click the Strong Password Generator’s icon to get a new one

How to update

Safari can update our extension automatically (an advantage of our new format), but in this case we’d like to ask you to do it manually by following this guide for how to install and update both our 1Password extension and update the 1Password app. A key factor in that guide: once the extension update is done, please quit Safari with Command-Option-Q. You’ll lose all your open tabs and windows, so bookmark any as necessary. This ensures Safari restarts and loads our new extension with a clean slate.

Moving forward

I could go on for at least a couple more paragraphs about how excited we are for this new design and why, but something tells me you’d rather check it out for yourself. We know we still have our work cut out for us since some features, like the AutoSave UI and “never for this site” option, are still missing. But we believe this is a great new direction for our 1Password extension, and we hope you do too.

So go give the new extension a test drive, check out the new features, and let us know what you think in our forums!

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    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

      Yes, we will be bringing all these improvements to the Chrome extension. At the moment, we’re focused on Safari but once things calm down we’ll use the same extension code in Chrome, and Firefox, too.

  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I need this in chromium. Hope you don’t encounter major bugs so you can leave safari happy as it is and take care of chromium and firefox ;)

    • Ben
      Ben says:

      Awesome to hear… looks good in Safari but I definitely prefer Chrome. Safari just feels clunky to me. Looking forward to the Chromium extension… good work!

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Firefox and Chrome are in our sights, guys! I have to say, the latest Safari release feels a lot faster than our Chrome extension to me, but never fear! We will be improving performance and adding functionality across the board. :)

    • David
      David says:

      Hi George, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Sounds like you’ve hit a bug. Could you please check out our install and update guide for the extension:

      If that doesn’t fix things for you, our support forum folks can probably help you out better than I can, so catch them in our 1Password extension forum here:

      They should be able to get you back on your feet!

    • George
      George says:

      I start to get sick of this.

      is there a way of getting a refund on 1password?
      I am now wasting my time on this mess way to long.

    • David Teare
      David Teare says:

      Absolutely. If you purchased in the last 30 days, just email us at support at agilebits and we’ll completely refund you.

      With that said, I’d love to get things working for you. What issue are you having?

    • George
      George says:

      My issue now is that nothing logs in any more.
      if i click on of my logins nothing get filled in.

      but you have to admit that this whole extension thing is a BIG FAIL.

      When i bought 1password a long time ago it worked and helped my work flow but now i am back to writing passwords on pieces off paper.

    • dave
      dave says:

      Thanks for the update, George; it sounds like you’re experiencing a configuration issue. By the sounds of it, you have JavaScript disabled. Please open the Safari > Preferences > Security window and verify that JavaScript is enabled.

    • George
      George says:

      so after 8 times reinstalling now it works (for now)

      i really didn’t do anything different but now it seem to work.

      But when are folders coming back?

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      No ETA on folders, George, but we are working on it. Stay updated and you’ll just hop on your mac one day and they’ll be there. ;)

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      The new design is nice, and everything seems to be working well for me. However, here’s another loud vote to hurry up on the folders, please! I used that feature multiple times a day, and the alternatives are much slower and more distracting.

      Keep up the good work, guys! This is one product that I recommend at least once a week.

  2. UnclePeter
    UnclePeter says:

    If you loved us, you’d replicate the setup pre-lion. That what everybody wants and what everybody is asking for. I don’t understand why you’re pushing ahead with this and boasting about how great it is, when your customers don’t want it and have made this clear OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It seems remarkably arrogant to me.
    The UI design is still horrible. Autosubmit still doesn’t work properly. Fields aren’t long enough for the content. Copy buttons are mssing. Replace/create new login is AWOL. Tags are AWOL. Other logins, ie local router, are now not fillable by 1P.
    This extension is NOT great. Please don’t boast that it’s something it isn’t. 1Password is ruined and this, in my opinion, is not the way forward.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi UnclePeter, I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the new extension. However, when reading blogs and comments, it is often very easy to confuse some customers who are unhappy with a new design or having trouble with a major software release like Lion and Safari 5.1 as “everybody”. The truth is, we’ve had incredibly positive feedback from most of our customers across Twitter, our blog, in our forums, and especially privately via emails to customer support.

      I admitted in the post that we still have a lot of work to do. We’re wearing that fact on our sleeve, and we’re updating and iterating as rapidly as we can. Lion and Safari 5.1 were major releases that changed a tremendous amount of technology under the hood, so our new design is in part to comply with those changes, but also a fundamental result of our intention to give customers more and faster access to their data in the browser. We still have a ways to go and a number of features to add. But we’re making tremendous improvements quite quickly when you consider Lion came out only nine days ago, which means the majority of our customers (not just the early adopting beta testers) only began giving us their feedback nine days ago.

      We hope you can give us some patience as we continue to work our pants off making the best 1Password Safari extension we can. When we have some more features to add back in, especially the ones you’re requesting, we’ll announce again here on the blog. Stay tuned.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Looks good, but please add a cursor to the master password entry text box. There’s no way to tell when it has the focus.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Rick, this is something we’re looking into. Turns out that’s a known bug in Safari 5.1 that Apple knows about, so hopefully a fix won’t take too long. In the meantime, any input fields in our extension usually have focus, even if it may not look like it. You can trigger the extension and start typing to unlock, search Logins, or filter a list, and the extension should accept your input no matter what. If you find that’s not the case, please let us know!

  4. Wylan
    Wylan says:

    Looks good! Is it still possible to fill the last generated password? I used that a lot in the older extension.

    • roustem
      roustem says:

      It is possible. Please open the Password Generator tab and then select “View password history”. You will be able to click and fill any of the previously generated passwords in the list.

  5. Matthias Dietrich
    Matthias Dietrich says:

    Thanks, enjoying the new interface!

    One short feature request: Please highlight the input field for entering my master password to unlock 1Password. I’m always wondering if the focus is really on the unlock field or if I’m entering my password somewhere else. Would be very nice, thanks!

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Matthias. Turns out this is a bug in Safari 5.1 that Apple knows about. Hopefully a fix won’t take too long.

      In the meantime, our extension does a pretty good job of taking your input focus. So even if a field doesn’t look like it has focus (i.e., there’s no blinking cursor), you can start typing and it should work.

    • Khad Young
      Khad Young says:

      Hey Matthias!

      This is a known issue in Lion. Snow Leopard gets the cursor, but I think there is a bug in Safari 5.1 in Lion that causes the cursor to be omitted in the extension (in both the master password and search fields). We are trying to see if we can work around this, but we may need to wait for an update from Apple.

      Thanks for asking about this.


      Khad Young
      Forum Choreographer, AgileBits

  6. Nez
    Nez says:

    “…just the most fantastic 1Password extension design for Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard of all time.”

    Errr, are you using the same extension as me? It’s still as ugly as sin. Why is the lock graphic absolutely huge? I’m no designer but, sheeesh, it’s ugly!
    Anyhoo, the design is second fiddle for me at the moment. I want the core functionality of 1Password back before the Vista-esque UI gets fixed(or preferably binned!). Autosubmit still doesn’t work properly. I can no longer use 1P to logon to my local router. I STILL need to put in my master password to access the Strong Password Generator etc etc. The list goes on.

    If you loved us, you’d stop boasting about how good this extension is and give us back the 1Password that we all love!
    [rant over]

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Nez, sorry to hear you’re still having this trouble, but these mostly sound like bugs you’re running into, not missing functionality. Have you updated the 1Password app along with the extension? A version or so ago we issued some updates that the extension relies upon to work properly and log into sites. Go to 1Password > Preferences > Updates, enable the beta option and hit the Check Now button.

      Have you also gone to System Preferences > Universal Access and toggled Enable Access for Assistive Devices? This should help a lot in general with AutoFill. As for your local router, I’m afraid there are a lot of router models out there so without knowing your specific model, one of our basic troubleshooting tips for when a Login stops working is to copy your password for it, delete it from 1Password, then try logging back in by pasting your password to create a fresh new Login for it. That might do the trick.

      As for the overall design of the extension, we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback on it, and the lock screen is actually borrowed from 1Password’s own lock screen. Sorry you don’t like it right now, but perhaps in time it’ll grow on you. I hope this helps.

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      You’re right about Autosubmit, Nez. While we’ve improved it in every release, it’s been a tricky nut to crack. Thankfully Roustem made some huge improvements today and I invite you to try version 3.7.1 beta #2. It should improve things greatly and I’ll love to hear your feedback on it.

      Re: your Router, I’m guessing you’re seeing an Http Authentication panel, as discussed in this FAQ. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t given us any API to plug into these windows yet. We’re looking for a clever workaround but it will take time.

    • Nez
      Nez says:


      I’m on the latest Beta and auto submit still doesn’t work if I only have one logon. It’s really quite annoying to have to enter my master password, then click the single logon. I could understand it asking you if there were multiple entries, but not for one.
      What I really miss is the right click > login which would auto detect the page and whether I had a login, then ask for the password after I had selected to login.
      Re: Router. Yes, I used 1Password to set a crazy password for this so that I could just login easily with 1Password. Now this function is gone, I’m back to copy and pasting from the 1Password app. (Not the extension because it’s just not nice enough at the moment)
      Any chance we can access the Strong Password Generator without entering the master password at some point? I’d love to see the Menu bar drop down make a come back.

    • dave
      dave says:

      Thanks for the update, Nez.

      I think we were talking about different things :) Just for those reading along at home, Autosubmit is when the page is automatically submitted after filling a Login. I.e., we press the “Login” button for you. This has improved immensely in recent releases so anyone experiencing problems with this should upgrade.

      As for the Fill Login keyboard shortcut (CMD-\ by default), it will automatically fill the Login without prompting you if you have exactly 1 login for the site, and 1Password is unlocked. Perhaps we can change it to fill the single Login after unlocking, but I’m not sure if that will be confusing or not. I’ll have to play with it and see.

      Regarding Context menus, we’re experimenting with the tools Apple has provided us to see what we can do there. There’s not as much power as we’d like, but we should be able to provide at least some options there.

      As for accessing the Password Generator when 1Password is locked, I hesitate to do this as we automatically save generated passwords just incase. If 1Password was locked, we wouldn’t be able to save new passwords. Keeping all of 1Password’s features hidden when locked makes for a much simpler user experience so I’d like to keep it this way.

      Thanks again for the feedback, Nez!

  7. Andy Odom
    Andy Odom says:

    This is great, but the new extension isn’t working. I followed the instructions on your site (I think), updated 1Password, then went into Preferences to install the Safari plug-in. I then Command-Q’d Safari and restarted it. When I try to log in to the new extension, I get the following message:

    “Problem with Database. Extension Database Not Available”.

    Any ideas?

    • Andy Odom
      Andy Odom says:

      My bad, I just used Command-Q. The fine folks manning your Twitter account also reminded me that I need to open the App and unlock it for a while so the extension can access the database. It’s working just fine now, and looks great. Thanks!

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Thanks for the update, Andy!

      For those reading along, please note that you need to open and unlock the main 1Password app to avoid this “Database Not Available” message.

    • brenty
      brenty says:

      Thanks so much! I am glad that you like it. I am loving it myself too. I liked the way the previous incarnation looked too, but this one is just big enough to get what you need and just small enough that it isn’t in the way. :)

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