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It’s Monday, which means it’s time to jumpstart your week with copious amounts of coffee or tea and some great keyboard shortcuts for our new browser extension!

One of the great things about this new extension format is that it’s much friendlier to both mouse cowboys and keyboard ninjas. We’ve had great feedback from mouse users in our forum, so I wanted to post some tips to help you Live By The Keyboard types to get around in the extension more quickly. Keep in mind, though, that the tips below are written assuming that you have AutoSubmit enabled in the extension’s Settings panel, which is at the bottom of the list.

1Password Extension 101

A refresher course on two of our long-standing default shortcuts couldn’t hurt: Command + \ still opens the 1Password browser extension and displays any available Logins for the current page, while Command + Option + \ takes you straight to All Logins (ProTip: you can customize those shortcuts by going to 1Password > Preferences > Logins).

If your selection is on a Login in the “Logins for this page” panel, the Return key will AutoFill that Login into the current browser tab and AutoSubmit it. If you hit Return on a Login on the All Logins panel, you can sit back and watch 1Password open a new browser tab, take you to that Login’s URL, AutoFill your Login, then AutoSubmit.

Extension Shortcuts 1001

Our new extension has some new shortcuts up its sleeve, too. You can hit Tab and Shift-Tab to cycle down and up (respectively) through the different item sections (Logins for this page, All Logins, Wallet, Identities, Strong Password Generator, and Settings).

When you find the section you want to browse, the up and down arrow keys will let you browse through your items. The right arrow key will let you view the details of the currently selected item, while the left arrow key will—wait for it—get you back out to the item list. In any list of items you can begin typing to instantly filter those items.

If you’re done using the extension but prefer to keep your hands on F and J, a quick flick of the Escape key will dismiss the 1Password extension popover and let you get on about your business.

Extra Credit

While we do not currently have a keyboard shortcut to lock the extension, you can certainly click the lock icon at the bottom of the popover. If you really want a keyboard shortcut, though, you could set up a utility like Alfred, LaunchBar, or anything else that can run Terminal commands with this:

open x-onepassword-agent://extension/lock

Bind a keyboard shortcut for it and enjoy the system-wide convenience of locking your browser extension no matter which app you’re in.

Class Dismissed

I hope these tips can help you enjoy 1Password to its fullest potential: helping you to get in, Login, and get back to what you’re doing as quickly as possible.

13 replies
  1. Nick Clements
    Nick Clements says:

    I just set up Alfred to lock 1Password. That is a great shortcut. I hope the future possibly holds more integration with Alfred.

  2. Robert Loomans
    Robert Loomans says:

    Sometimes the URL of the page is slightly different so nothing shows up in the “Logins for this page” tab.

    How do I select a login from the “All logins” tab and get it filled into the current page?

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Robert, could you share a little more about the URL being “slightly different” when you’re trying to fill a Login? Are you talking about subdomains or other cases? These are certainly something we’re working on.

      As far as the option to fill a Login from the All Logins panel in the current tab, I can mention this to the folks upstairs. Opening a new tab has been an overwhelming demand from our users, but some way to fill it into the current tab might be a useful backup option for cases when our URL matching logic doesn’t present the proper Login.

    • Robert Loomans
      Robert Loomans says:

      Are you talking about subdomains or other cases?


      I’ve had it were the url in 1password was example.com but the website redirected me to www2.example.com.

      I also have had cases where there were several domains that all use the same credentials.

    • David
      David says:

      Ok Robert thanks for the info. I know cases like that are on our to-do list. URL matching is a tricky beast, but it’s also a priority right now. Stay tuned!

  3. Tony
    Tony says:

    Great info. What happened to the right-click? The new icon driven app is cool, but I almost exclusively used the right-click to access my passwords. Much more handy than using a button.

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Tony! The right-click menu is something we’re looking at bringing back. A lot’s changed in browser extension rules over the last year or two, especially with Safari 5.1, so it’s a challenge on our to-do list right now. When we have some news on that front we’ll definitely announce it here on the blog.

  4. Robert Wagner
    Robert Wagner says:

    I can’t seem to make the new plugin insert wallet (credit card) information on a page. Clicking on one of the entries just makes the plugin’s window close. Trying to copy the account number just puts “W” in the clipboard.

    Not good!

    • David
      David says:

      Hi Henrik. I’m not familiar with non-US layouts, but could you check what your shortcuts are in 1Password > Preferences > Logins? I’m not sure if 1Password defaults to something else for non-US keyboards, but you can always change the shortcuts to something you prefer there too. I hope that helps!

  5. Norm
    Norm says:

    Please make the button to Launch the 1Password Application the way if used to work. Click to launch the popover, click to launch the app. Two clicks. It is now THREE clicks, an extra step to launch settings, then we see the big button to launch the app. You have plenty of screen real estate on the pop-over to put the launch the app button/icon on the left hand side and save a click. Every click COUNTS. Your goals on improving the application should never require more clicks than an older version, where launch was right there in the menu. Small thins I realize, but you do want to be elegant in your design and not clunky, like it is now.


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