ScreenCastsOnline posts a great 1Password + Safari extension + Dropbox primer

The venerable Don McAllister at ScreenCastsOnline has posted a great tutorial for his members that covers 1Password 3.9 from the Mac App Store, Dropbox sync, and even our new browser extension that we completely redesigned this summer. A free trailer is embedded below:

The full set of videos starts from square one with getting 1Password 3.9 installed from the Mac App Store. It shows you how to get set up with Dropbox sync and creating new Logins, then takes you all the way through some of the finer details of browsing quickly and working efficiently with our flexible new extension. Some of the videos are available for free, while the full tutorial is available to ScreenCastsOnline members, which you can learn more about here.

Thanks Don for a great 1Password tutorial!

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