Start your Mac App Store engines, 1Password 3.9.1 is out!

I want to start this post by thanking you. Our debut in the Mac App Store just under two months ago was a huge success, and that’s because of you. Then you gave us some great feedback that helped us overcome some challenges and make 1Password and its browser extension perform even better. To repay your wonderful deeds, our first major (and free!) update since arriving in the Mac App Store is now available, and it brings some handy new features and a whole lotta fixes.

1Password 3.9.1 has a bunch of new tricks up its sleeve, like support for the WebKit browser and Google Chrome Canary and Chromium. You can now double-click a different .AgileKeychain data file and 1Password will offer to replace your current file or merge the contents of both files together. We greatly improved the import process from SplashID, and a new Help > Troubleshooting menu has some useful tools for when things aren’t working quite right.

This huge update also fixes a handful of problems that some of you were seeing, from sidebar folders that won’t stay deleted, to faster syncing of changes you make between the app and browser extensions, and big performance improvements across the board. You can check out the full change log below, or just head over to the Mac App Store to update your copy or pick one up!

Full changelog:

  • Added support for WebKit, Chrome Canary and Chromium web browsers.
  • Greatly improved performance when multiple items are updated or deleted.
  • Added a workaround to prevent immediate locking when the system idle time is reported incorrectly.
  • When using Dropbox syncing the file is stored in the 1Password subfolder by default.
  • Double-clicking or dragging a .agilekeychain file will now offer to replace or merge its contents with the existing data.
  • Now detecting problem with file permissions on startup and offering help.
  • Improved automatic master password update in the browser extensions.
  • Improved search predicate editor.
  • Added Help > Troubleshooting menu.
  • Improved implementation of data folder monitoring and data refresh. Avoiding unnecessary refresh of the main window when possible.
  • Now locking all browser extensions on logout.
  • Made sure the keyboard shortcuts are only taken when the browser with the installed extension is active.
  • Made changes to prevent syncing with the browser extension that is populated with a different data set.
  • Many improvements in browser extensions support.
  • Greatly improved import from SplashID.
  • Made sure the master password field is cleared when the main window is closed.
  • Improved reliability of the connection between 1Password and 1Password Helper.
  • In the event a data file is found on Dropbox and the default folder, 1Password will prompt to ask which one to use.
  • Changes made in 1Password or browser extensions will now appear everywhere almost immediately.
  • Faster detection of changes made in Dropbox.
  • Improved 1Password application to not refresh the main window when the helper is restarted.
  • Now using separate log files in addition to system.log to help with Troubleshooting.
  • Now removing attachment cache folder when 1Password is closed, instead of just removing it upon locking.
  • Now storing Attachments cache folder in the standard Caches folder.
  • Now logging error when attachment cache folder cannot be cleared.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing refresh button image in the Password Generator.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in the 1Password Helper process.
  • Fixed problem with the Caps Lock indicator in the password field.
  • Fixed problem that made it impossible to move item into the folder
  • Fixed crash when item is duplicated.
  • Fixed crash related to item attachments cache.
  • Fixed crash when loading data.
  • Fixed broken Go & Fill in 1Password dock menu.
  • Fixed problem where Lock On Idle stepper control was enabled/disabled incorrectly.
  • Fixed problem that could cause items to reappear after the were deleted from the Trash.
  • Fixed problem where password hint won’t show when unlocking 1Password.