1Password 3.9.2 now in the Mac App Store

Mac App Store customers have a great reason to swing over to the Updates tab, because 1Password 3.9.2 is out! This isn’t quite as large of an update as 3.9.1 just two weeks ago, but its key fixes and performance improvements go a little something like this:


  • Improved performance when deleting a folder.
  • Added ‘Quit’ item to 1Password Helper menu.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem where item data could be lost in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed problem where “Restore from Backup” window would not show the latest backups.
  • Fixed the problem where 1Password could freeze when deleting a Smart Folder.
  • Fixed problem creating saved search for Unfiled folder (items that not in any folder).
  • Now clearing cache after data file is rebuilt.
As you might guess, 1Password 3.9.2 for Mac is a free update for existing owners. Just open the Mac App Store app and click the Updates tab to start downloading!
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