1Password 3.8.11 for Mac brings improvements and fixes

We have some good news right now, and some more in-depth good news about this good news on the way. To kick things off: 1Password 3.8.11 for Mac is out for our website customers, and it brings some important under-the-hood changes.

For our Mac App Store customers: 1Password 3.9.2 already contains all of these fixes except for the password strength indicator change. That should come in a future update. To give you a better understanding of what these changes mean, our Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts, Jeff Goldberg, is whipping up a blog post right now. So until then, I’ll just leave our release notes right here:


  • Improving defence against brute force attacks by increasing PBKDF2 iterations from 1000 to 10000. Currently this applies only to newly created data files. For more information on PBKDF2, please see this blog post.
  • Removed deprecated “New Logins Bookmarklet” feature. Users of this feature are encouraged to use the iOS edition of 1Password or 1PasswordAnywhere.
  • Removed Export to Encrypted Web Page feature. Users of this feature are encouraged to use 1PasswordAnywhere or the iOS edition of 1Password.
  • Improved defence against data harvesters by not including the password strength indicator. This only applies to new and edited items; to update all your old items, the Help > Troubleshooting > Rebuild Data File menu can be used.
  • Several updates and improvements to the Diagnostics Report.
  • Updated to latest Growl framework.
  • When downloading website previews 1Password now correctly downloads Apple touch icons from non-standard locations.


  • Fixed issue where empty items and deleted folders would appear in the 1PasswordAnywhere Trash.
  • Now clearing caches after rebuilding data file.
  • Fixed the problem where 1Password could freeze when deleting a Smart Folder.
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