Apple names 1Password among Best of Mac App Store 2011

If you are like the rest of us, you probably woke up this morning and said to yourself “la dee da, today will be just another day in the Mac App Store.” Like the rest of us, you were a little off the mark.


To our surprise, Apple announced the Best of Mac App Store 2011 today, and it’s a pretty great list of some of the best apps you really should own. Pixelmator won App of the Year, and and Civilization V scored Game of the Year. But wait, what’s that nestled in the Best Apps of 2011 among such great peers as Day One, Fantastical, and Flare?

Why, it’s 1Password! We’re delighted to get this recognition from Apple, and honored that you, our Agile Customers, helped us add this feather to our cap.

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